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Wear a Work of Art

Exquisitely breathtaking is an optimal description for Jay King necklaces. Dazzling gemstones drape your neck in a single strand or multiple layers of beads. Many signature necklaces drop down to a stunning pendant in classic shapes like ovals, squares, and teardrops, or more avant-garde geometric forms such as trapezoids and hexagons. You will be astounded at the amazing range of color and design found in Jay King necklaces, from the appealing pairing of turquoise and amber to carefully arranged strands of stones that come in nearly every color of the rainbow, like agate and opal. Whether you're drawn to the pastel hues of morganite or the bold red of carnelian, you can find your spirit colors. If you're dreaming in green, opt for a necklace in the chartreuse color of chrysoprase, deep green of malachite, or pale green of African meadow stone. Darker, earthy tones can be found in tiger's eye and obsidian necklaces. If you're inspired by the ocean, you might wear a spiny oyster, red coral, or sea fossil necklace. Stone beads may be cut in facets to glint light in every direction, flat discs for a slinky look, polished spheres, or spiky stone chips. Most necklaces are strung on SoftFlex wire, and the clasps and hooks are sterling silver.