Lenovo Laptops


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Stay Connected Anywhere With Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo Computers started in the 1980s, releasing the first Lenovo laptop in 1986. It weighed in at 12 pounds and was called the PC Convertible. This innovative product transformed the way people could work and play with personal computers, offering more flexibility than computers of the past. Over the past three decades, Lenovo has continued to impress shoppers in the market for functional, high-end products for use in the office and on the road. With Lenovo laptops, you’re not tied to a desk when you need to meet a deadline or respond to an email. At HSN, you can find Lenovo laptops designed for today’s needs. If you’re a gamer, check out the gaming laptops with fast processors, large hard drives, and impressive networking to keep you connected to your teammates and peers. Many of the gaming laptops also boast larger screens for better visibility and sharp graphics. Lenovo even has convertible laptop options with the touch screens, making it easy to flip the screen of your laptop and turn it into a tablet. No matter what type of laptop you need to accomplish your tasks, you can find it in the Lenovo lineup at HSN.