Jade Jewelry


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Balance Your Look With Distinctive Jade Jewelry

Jade jewelry is more than just stylish. These pieces are packed with storied significance and inspirational meaning. Jade stone jewelry is believed to have strong spiritual attributes, promoting peace, wisdom, and balance. Slip into a piece that features this calming stone and add an unmistakable touch of elegance and purity to your look. Though jade is most commonly thought of as green, this semi-precious stone is available in other hues as well, including pink, blue, and purple jade. Our collection includes a varied selection of jade stone jewelry. You'll find the pale green jade you're probably familiar with as well as some truly outstanding items in a deeper, richer evergreen hue. Try bright red jade for a bold pop of color, or add gentle purple jade to your collection. Our jade jewelry comes in several styles with options like drop earrings, statement-making rings, and pendant necklaces. Add jade to your everyday look with casual jade macramé bracelets or make a sophisticated statement for special events with a decorative jade ring. HSN carries jade jewelry fit for any personal style, so this beloved stone can fit seamlessly into any collection. Pick your favorite pieces now.