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Who Still Uses Landline Phones?

Millions of Americans, that's who! In fact, 49.5 percent of American households have not cut the cord with their telephone providers. Defying expectations, there is still a strong demand for landline phones. Select from multiple cordless handsets, corded handsets, built-in answering machines, bases with rapid charging stations, large digital display screens with powerful backlighting, old-fashioned cosmetic features, and more. Landline phones offer unbeatable call clarity. They rarely have issues that are commonplace to mobile phone users, like dropped calls, static on the line or spotty reception. Landline phones are so convenient, especially in rural areas where cellphone coverage is frequently spotty. Rural American homes have an iconic style with decor featuring antiques and classic pieces that give an air of rustic charm. Homes like this look great with phones that have a funky style plus vintage appeal, like the 1950s-era replica Push-Button Payphones now available at HSN. Landlines give police and first responders location-tracking tools that can help save your life in the event of a problem. Business owners, families with kids at home, and anyone who wants the extra protection of a landline should browse HSN's extensive selection of home phones. Choose a charming, unique phone that reflects your style before it's sold out.