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One-Up Identity Thieves With a Shredder Machine

Take care of your private, sensitive information with our versatile shredders and accessories. Having access to a paper shredder at home allows you to destroy personal, confidential documents containing your name, address, Social Security number, medical, and financial information. Without shredding these documents before disposal, you leave yourself open to identity thieves rifling through your trash in search of their next victim. Nobody deserves to find themselves in that situation! Like all products on HSN, you can expect your new shredder to be constructed from quality materials. Certain models offer extra features like credit card- and DVD-shredding capabilities. Some don’t even mind eating through paper clips and staples. Whether you’re outfitting your home office or simply need a handy tool to protect your family’s confidential information, paper shredders provide the perfect solution. The latest models come in a variety of colors and sizes and are compatible with Windows software when needed. You can also opt for an easy-open step-can design. In addition to your state-of-the-art shredder, stock up on lubricant sheets and paper-shredder machine waste liners for even easier use and trash disposal. With all this equipment at your fingertips, identity thieves don’t stand a chance!