Gladiator Sandals


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Gladiator Sandals Pair Ancient Greek Style With Modern Flair

Flashback to 1000 B.C., when the Greeks of ancient Rome wore straps of leather attached to a sole to separate them from the gods of the underworld. The leather was wrapped around their ankles and calves in complicated and interesting ways, giving birth to gladiator sandals as we know them today. This style has enjoyed popularity with women and men ever since. HSN's collection of gladiator sandals pays homage to the styles of the early Greeks but adds modern shoe design technology, with comfortable padded soles and quality stitching to make the sandals strong and durable. Available in flats, heels, and wedge styles, gladiator sandals from HSN offer the best in quality summer footwear. Whether you want a natural leather strappy pair of sandals to pair with your best bohemian look at an outdoor music festival or you need an elegant pair of shoes to wear with a beautiful sundress to a wedding on the grass where you need a flat sole, gladiator sandals from HSN offer versatile looks for all of your summer activities. Available in sizes 5 1/2 to 12, women of all shoe sizes can find something that fits their style and their budget.