Planters & Window Boxes


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Plant Stands Add Beauty and Texture to Your Home and Outdoor Decor

Add greenery and fresh blooms anywhere in your home or on your property with distinctive plant stands. A tall planter is a perfect accent piece for a corner or entry. Porcelain fishbowl planters painted with brightly colored scenes or abstract designs create bold centerpieces for your dining room table. Trays make it easy to water plants and fresh flowers. Use silk flowers for a long-lasting arrangement that you can change with the seasons to match your tabletop decor. Outside, use box planters to outline a walkway with small trees or your favorite flowers. Install window box planters to add curb appeal to your home. Window boxes include wall-mount boxes and irrigation trays for easy installation and maintenance. On the patio, you can relax in your lounge chair and listen to your favorite music with a planter that includes a camouflaged Bluetooth speaker. Outdoor plant stands are constructed of durable polyurethane that stands up to the sun and rain. Molded planter designs mimic the beauty of plantation shutters, wicker, and crown molding. Add fresh plants and flowers to your patio and indoor spaces. Shop plant stands in a variety of colors and sizes now.