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Add Texture to Your Crafts With Felting

Whether you're tired of paper-based projects or you're simply looking for a new hobby, felt could be the answer. Felting allows you to craft 3-D sculptures, felt balls, finger puppets, hats, and more out of wool. You can even make felted pillows, scarves, and sweaters or create felted beads for jewelry. Felt can also be a great accent for a variety of projects. Many die cutters have the ability to cut through fabric and felt the way they cut through paper and other materials. Several brands produce felt squares that can be used to produce felt die cuts. Needle felting is how you turn regular wool into the tighter, denser material known as felt. This unique process uses special needles, known as felting needles. Unlike knitting needles, felting needles are barbed so they catch onto the wool fibers. The fibers become interlocked as the needles are pulled, creating felt. Often, wool roving is used for felt crafts, but yarn can also be felted as long as it is 100 percent wool. At HSN, our felting collection includes bundles of felt material squares from brands like Anna Griffin and Cricut. You can also order a needle felting kit and get started with making your own felt from scratch.