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Wrap Up Your Homemade Cards With Craft Envelopes

In a world where people can make a quick phone call, type up an email, or send a short text to express gratitude, the simple act of mailing a card can make a big statement. A personal, handwritten note means even more - and becomes infinitely more valuable when combined with a homemade card. Whether it's a simple thank you note, a heartfelt birthday card, or something more ambitious, handmade cards are always worth the effort. Many card making kits come with matching envelopes, but if you're making your cards from scratch, you'll need to order craft envelopes separately. Fortunately, HSN carries a variety of envelopes for card making, from plain white envelopes to boxed card-and-envelope sets in bold colors. Whatever envelopes you choose, taking the time to add a few embellishments will take your card making efforts to the next level. Making your own greeting cards and thank-you notes may sound like a time consuming task requiring the skill of a master artist, but our card making supplies make it easy. Card marking is a great way to express your creativity and individuality and show how much your friends and family mean to you. Browse HSN's selection of craft materials and tools to find everything you need to make high-quality homemade cards.