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Start a New Craft Project With Dimensions Crafts & Sewing Supplies

Your next craft project is just a few clicks away when you shop for Dimensions cross stitch and craft kits at HSN. HSN proudly carries a wide range of Dimensions craft kits, including counted cross stitch kits, felt applique kits, and punch needle kits. These kits contain everything you need to complete your craft projects including materials, threads, and needles. This makes Dimensions craft kits a great gift idea, even for novice crafters. Dimensions cross stitch kits are some of the brand's most popular craft kits. These kits allow you to create colorful wall hangings, Christmas stockings, and quilts. New cross stitch kits with family tree and birth themes make for special keepsakes. No matter whether you're new to the craft or a seasoned veteran, you'll love the simplicity of Dimensions craft kits. Order yours today and take advantage of HSN's special offer of $5 flat rate shipping on all craft and sewing purchases. With this special promotion, it doesn't matter how many craft and sewing items you buy; you'll never pay more than $5 to get them to your door. HSN's flexible payment program, FlexPay, is also available with many Dimensions craft kits.