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Keep Your Food Fresh Longer with Easy Storage Boxes and Bags

Storing food, produce, and leftovers is an essential part of kitchen living. Many produce storage bags make your vegetables go soggy after a short time that you have to throw them away! With Debbie Meyer Green Bags, you can rest assured that your produce will stay fresh longer. Each bag can be rinsed out and reused, saving money and the environment! Made from natural minerals and food-grade polyethylene, Debbie Meyer Green Bags and Green Boxes are BPA free and made in the USA. Extend the life of your baked goods, snacks, produce and leftovers with Debbie Meyer Green Boxes. Made with the Debbie Meyer Food Fresh System technology, these boxes have been shown to keep food fresh for longer and can help to preserve the texture and flavor of your foods. Choose from our selection of beautiful cutting boards and kitchen knives from HSN to help prepare your food for storage. These storage boxes are microwave safe for your convenience. Food storage has never been easier with stackable designs and various sizes to fit into your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Shop Debbie Meyer from HSN today!