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Crocheting to Your Heart's Content

If you love crocheting, you might need inspiration to start your next project. HSN offers a plethora of crochet and knitting books to give you ideas for your next project. For those who enjoy knitting accessories for others, such as colorful and cute socks, there are several crochet books just on knitting socks. Want to learn how to crochet clothes for your new baby or friend's new little one? HSN has several books for knitting baby clothes. Have you never crocheted but always wanted to learn? Purchase a specialty book or knitting book that offers several ideas all in one! Do you want to learn or master crocheting with beautiful lace patterns? Check out HSN's crochet books specifically dedicated to intricate lacy patterns. If you need ideas on how to come up with patterns and colors for your next project, HSN has a knitting book for that. If your specialty is knitting scarves and cowls, there are several books to help you create your next project. Whether you're just starting out or a crocheting veteran, HSN has the right books to help you start your next project today. Get inspired by one of the many available crochet and knitting books.