Coral Jewelry


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Be Captivating in Coral

Your collection of gemstone jewelry isn't complete without a few coral pieces. This gorgeous semi-precious stone was once thought to possess mysterious powers, but whether or not it has some mystical allure, it definitely has visual appeal. The beautiful red tones of this gemstone look great in both silver and gold settings. Coral is also unique in that it comes from living organisms. When coral polyps that live in tropical and subtropical waters die, they harden, and this hardened material is what is used to create coral gemstones. Coral jewelry comes in all sorts of arrangements, from elegant and understated pendants to bold rings and fun and flirty bracelets. Coral looks great with other opaque stones, too, including turquoise. Mix and match your colors for an eye-catching look that shows off your personality. Coral bead necklaces are particularly beautiful. Wear one with a simple outfit to make it the focal point of your look, or pair it with a casual ensemble to add an extra layer of charm to your appearance. Complement the necklace with a pair of dangling coral earrings. Shop HSN today to find gorgeous coral jewelry that will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.