Christmas Storage


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Christmas Storage Is Simple With HSN

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, it's time to pack it all away. Again. There are many tips and tricks to Christmas storage that will make next year easier. One of the best ways to store your artificial tree is to store it fully assembled or partly assembled in Christmas tree storage boxes. It's time consuming to put your tree up and it takes time to take it down. Frosted, flocked, or colored trees are sensitive to extremely hot or moist conditions. Protect these types of trees in our Christmas tree storage containers. Ornaments packed with care are more likely to make it to next year in one piece. Small ornaments stored in egg cartons are well protected. Larger ornaments wrapped in bubble wrap or paper towels and placed in a Christmas storage bin will be safe. Linens like tablecloths, towels, and blankets need dry conditions to avoid moisture damage. Pack these items away in a Christmas storage bin and keep it in your linen closet. Put a dryer sheet or two in there to prevent smells. Pack candles in plastic wrap inside Christmas storage bins to prevent damage or melting. Shop our collection of Christmas storage options today.