Bluetooth Headphones


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Bluetooth Headphones Deliver Wireless Audio

Tired of tangled headphone cords and feeling trapped when you’re plugged in, listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts? Disconnect with Bluetooth headphones, which offer wireless listening from any Bluetooth-enabled device. HSN has wireless Bluetooth headphones from top brands, including Bose, JBL, LG, Samsung, Brookstone, and more. If you prefer to zone in on what you’re listening to, check out the noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones to keep the outside sounds at bay. These are especially useful when you're at work or traveling on a plane. There are also Bluetooth headphones designed specifically for use during physical activity, such as sweat-resistant active headphones. These have an over-the-ear design that keeps them firmly in place, even when you’re running or jumping. When you pair the headphones with a device, you don’t have to worry about tangling up the wires as you move. Some Bluetooth headphones have a single wire that keep them connected, which typically sits against your neck or behind your head. If you’re interested in truly wireless options, check out earbud styles that come with their own charging cases. With the right pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can stay connected to your favorite tunes without feeling tied down.