Black Dresses


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Maximum Impact With Minimum Effort

Pluck some winners from this collection of black dresses, and you'll never be underdressed or overdressed again. Flattering sheath and fit-and-flare styles in slimming black will make a new LBD your BFF. Keep a free-flowing black maxi at the ready. Accentuate your spray tan with a colorful bold print on a black background. For a dramatic look, choose a timeless black-and-white contrast pattern or color block. A variety of lengths, necklines, and sleeve details awaits your personal taste. Paired with a favorite jacket, black dresses could be both the classiest and sexiest staples in your closet year-round. Discover big names in the world of dress design like Colleen Lopez, Slinky, Tash + Sophie, and Antthony. Keep a few of these black dresses in your closet, and you will delight in invitations to wear them. Whether you have to dress up or just want to give your favorite pair of jeans the night off, you can't go wrong. Black jersey dresses are not only comfortable and chic, but they easily roll up in a backpack or suitcase for wrinkle-resistant weekend road trips or dinners aboard a cruise ship. Be your own kind of black-dress beautiful!