Bakeware Sets


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Create Your Next Masterpiece With Just the Right Baking Set

Bakers can make sure they have all the right tools with the wide selection of bakeware sets available at HSN. From sheet pans to cake pan baking sets and everything in between, you can find everything you need to make any special baked treat. Have you always wanted to make a holiday cake but didn't know how to make it look fabulous? The Nordic Ware Holiday Wreath Bundt Cake Gifting Set makes it easy to create a gift worthy cake. Just use your favorite cake mix and this special pan, and you have holiday surprises for everyone. Package them up in a nice gift box to give away, but don't forget to save one for yourself! Shop the selection of bakeware sets< to make sure your creations come out just right every time. The even heat distribution ensures even cooking, and since they are dishwasher-safe, cleanup is quick and easy. You can also find ceramic muffin pans, cake pan sets to make layered cakes for any occasion, or even a doughnut pan for extra-special treats. You'll find everything you need in a six-piece set, or look for a smaller four-piece set.