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out of 4 reviews
Lovely television! The color is amazing, the weight is light and manageable, and the remote control really does work like magic! So, if you're looking for a smart, lightweight, excellent displaying picture TV, then this is the TV for you!
MsConfetti, TX
Amazing television
This TV is absolutely amazing! For starters, its huge. My seat is slightly off center and 18 feet away, and its perfect. Virtually no blind spots at different angles. The feet were a little cumbersome to install, but it worked out. This is definitely a 2-3 person job (I did not walk mount). Set up was simple. Picture quality, refresh rate, all that is INCREDIBLE. I cant speak to the speakers because I use surround sound exclusively.
timmy1980, TN
What an amazing picture is all I csn say. Even watching some of the lower quality YouTube videos on here look awesome. I am so glad that I took the step and bought this. Also the picture is so clear that you don't feel overwhelmed in your room. Buy
bzott1, IN
out of 13 reviews
Who knew?-Roku!!!
Phillips Roku Smart Television is really cool. I like having options on what to watch. The picture quality is outstanding! Clear, sharp colors and contrast. I highly recommend it to everyone.
MamaClara3, TX
:Better then expected
Great bedroom tv, easy setup, love having (Roku) built in and only one remote control needed . Great picture and streaming movies is flicker free. I wish Phillips made a larger set, I would put in living room.
Cheesr7, TX
Philips 4000 Series 32" LED Smart HDTV
I am so pleased with my TV. My 8 year old granddaughter has taken over the TV. She loves the features on the TV, especially the Disney channel. This TV is very easy to navigate. I love it.
2-_1, VA