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out of 18 reviews
why not
with free 2 years warranty, why not buy additional protection for new technology
chucky5050, NY
The picture quality is beautiful, crisp and vivid. Fits my stand precisely. Would probably look good mounted as well. Not sure it has the ambient that I've been hearing about, but I'm still get to know the functions. This is my 2nd Samsung.
Nique01, NY
ru 8000
love it
getagrip76, ME
out of 6 reviews
LG is everything
We brought this TV as a replacement for another LG that we had for 12 years. This TV is truly amazing, the picture, the sound and the weight is so amazing. I am a fan of LG and the quality of their products. This TV does not disappoint.
NiraSeven, PA
My Grandson Loves it !!!
I purchased this as a family Christmas gift for my grandson & his family & they love it...which makes me extremely pleased !!! Thank you HSN & LG !!! (I also truly appreciate the bargain price at the time of purchase) !!!
winged, IL
AI ThinQ
My tv is absolutely perfect. I am enjoying the amazing picture quality. My video games are clear and vivid. I love my AI ThinQ!!!
Maat-Lotus, CA
out of 5 reviews
Amazing Theater Quality
Just had Amazon service wall mount and the quality and picture is absolutely amazing!! Rewatched some films and shows we wanted to compare the quality and they look and feel like youre right there and in IMAX quality. Definitely recommend google for expert settings for a perfect picture over factory settings. Our wall mount from here did not have the long screws so we swapped for a Rocket Fish tilt mount from Best Buy.I did expect the shipping to be faster(3wks) overall VERY pleased-&EASY setup
scarlett99, PA
Samsung TV are the best!
This exceeded our expectations. Beautiful color, easy to setup and use, so happy we brought it.
sthom9, IN
Freak love it
The picture quality is off the chart it crispy asf great buy
edgar420, MD
out of 30 reviews
Love my LG
The clarity is amazing. Clear beautiful color. My TV is on all day long. Im learning how to take advantage of all my TV has to offer. My kids and grandkids are helping me. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
Bernie50, IL
LG SM8100 65
Awesome picture easy to assemble great quality love the TV
sjean57, TN
I'm a big LG TV fan always 100%
It's a Xmas present haven't been able to open it yet..
Rojo54, AZ
out of 20 reviews
Love it!!!
The picture is so surreal and the sound amazing! Easy to follow instructions and I am thinking of getting the soundbar! Thank you
VeganChefJanie, NJ
Best tv ever
I got this as a Christmas present for my husband and we both were blown away by the picture quality and the easy setup. I finally could disconnect my roku which was amazing since the tv has an ethernet port. It like we have been watchig tv on a tv from the 60's before now
Easy Set-up
Last television I tried was a Westinghouse, good deal on HSN, but never again, it lasted just beyond the two year warranty and died. I'm back with Samsung and not only is the picture so much better but the set-up on this model was a piece of cake. Color was perfect from the start and the remote works...that was a huge problem with the Westinghouse, the remote was never synced right to the television and the customer service at Westinghouse could never fix. Glad to have this Samsung.
Dissatisfied3, IL
out of 9 reviews
Wonderful picture. Love it
lucy822, TN
Westinghouse 58" UHD 4k Smart TV With Roku
This TV So far has been greatreally good picture great sound,and is very easy to set up and use.A great buy for anyone looking for a 4k TV.
maurychung, CA
I really enjoy this tv, beautiful picture and sound. Exactly what I was looking for.
RayT2169, MO
out of 7 reviews
Clear picture, easy to navigate the menu. This is my first Smart television and I love that it is lightweight. Roku has so much to watch free! My network sign up was very simple. I have a small size living room and this size is perfect.
Pattie61, WA
Loving my tv
Just we I can get to enjoy it more, but thats a no go with the kids around
aishalove, NJ
Just had it installed, today
Just had it installed today. It is fine, too soon to tell, I don't anticipate, any problems.
Bubbe003, NY
out of 15 reviews
LG UK6090 43" 4k TV
The picture quality is fantastic and the sound is awesome you do not need a sound bar--volume is great! I highly recommend this tv.
sandkels, GA
Great product
Bought this for my grandson. Great graphics for the gamer as well as movies.
Lady_Doksha, NH
First smart tv purchase
The quality of this tv is fantastic. Easy to set up! I am a Vizio person but decided to try something different. There are great features available
add14, VA
out of 25 reviews
exceptional product
i was skeptical of the flatscreen dvd combos from reading previous reviews but after purchasing this product from hsn i found the westinghouse 32" w/built in dvd player to be of good quality,fair price and exceptional performance. if your tired of "bigger is better 55" plus with wall mounts" as STANDARD flatscreens then this is a GOOD CHOICE for you! GREAT FOR GUEST BEDROOM,smaller homes/apartments,seniors. and with the warranty and smart return label....PURCHASE THIS!!!!!!
KGFD50501, IA
Love the built in DVD player.
Received tv, put in my grandsons room, easy set up, great picture, only thing it didn't have was smart tv, we let him use our Amazon Alexa cube, and ordered a fire stick for it...well guess it is gonna be smart now..
Poo2600, SC
They are very good I still have 1 I purchase few years a go
ElsaPeter020539, MA