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out of 5 reviews
Tiffany Lamp
This fixture is beautiful! Much nicer than on site.
Dcappyone, SC
Beautiful chandlier
This is my 4th purchase in Dale Tiffany's peony collection. HSN had the BEST price for this chandelier. It is perfect for my new vacation home.
Froglvr, WA
We bought a new house 2 years ago and the only thing I hated was the God awful chandelier in the living room, so when I saw this I just had to have it! It has exceeded my expectations. It is beautifully crafted and the colors are vivid. I just adore it and my living room looks so much nicer. I get so many compliments. Wish there was a matching wall sconce.
tonyac, FL
out of 4 reviews
Table lamp
This lamp is perfect where I have it. Love the lamp
Jcecco, FL
Love this lamp
I've actually bought two of these lamps to use in my master bathroom. I use a smaller watt bulb so I'm able to use them as night lights. It works great. I love having a pair & they are a perfect addition & personalized my bathroom just as I was hoping.
Wattsupgrl, WA
Just beautiful!
Despite the fact that you must use a smaller light bulb it throws a nice lite. Very elegant little lamp.I highly recommend this.
willescapecasoon, MN
out of 10 reviews
I was impressed with the reviews of these, so I bought them. They are very nice lamps. I was afraid that the dark-ish shades might block too much light, but that is not so. They are beautiful. The pattern is lovely, and they have a kind of dramatic presence. I'm happy with the purchase!
Magic Lamps
These are beautiful lamps well worth the price look deceiving but give off plenty of light.Highly recommend.Can't go wrong for the price.I R.Pezzullo.
RobertP354, NY
Very classy!
Classy. That's how my sister describes those lamps. To be honest, I haven't seen them. They were shipped directly to my sister. She loves them, and I'm glad I was able to give them as a gift. Thank you.
rose5698, NY
out of 6 reviews
tiffany butterfly accent lamp
I am very happy with this purchase.Would recommend this.
1402, PA
I love this lamp. My night light and so colorful, sometimes my day-lamp. Thank you HSN.
BrotherOfChrist, CA
Well made, high quality, easy to set up, and colors are beautifully done. Im so glad I made this purchase! It looks beautiful on my end table. Highly recommended
Grace_ful, NC
out of 48 reviews
Great little light
Pros: Easy to install. Bright white light.Cons? A little pricey
Snowgirl613, OH
what a difference love these light
cathym359, OH
Spin Light
These are great to use especially in the basement where there was only light bulbs. Also used in the closets. They look nice and were very easy to install. The light is also really bright! Love this product!
Dian918819, PA
out of 7 reviews
Love these
The only thing some TVs have rough not smooth surface and wont stay on the back of tv I have to tape them, I bought three and will use one under a cabinet !
Valerie34, AR
Love these lights. They add a little pizazz to the tv room.
terrygfl, FL
Great product
I love these lights. Easy to put up and makes watching TV enjoyable. Picture seems clearer and easier on the eyes. Love the variety of colors too.
maamee, IL
out of 534 reviews
Great Little Lights
These little lights are so cool. I put 1 set on my Christmas wreath outside and looked so pretty. I entwined another set inside a 24" table lantern with little snowmen, so cute. Love the automatic timers too & batteries last a long time
DashGo, FL
Love the lights there's so much you can do with them. The best lights I've ever purchased, worth the money.
Worth a 10
Micro LED Lights are so bright and convenient. Love the smaller control box which has some fun actions and is easy to hide brilliant! I love them I actually ordered some more, Micro LED lights are as promised and a good value!
Lililu2000, OR
out of 112 reviews
Loved the look!
These not only look fantastic they are super simple and fast to install! Can't go wrong with these accent lighting pieces!
Best buy
They look so nice in my family room and they have very soft light to the room
Barbsbaby9, CA
Just what I needed
I was looking for sconces that didnt need to be hard wired. These were perfect. Not bright but perfect for night lights. Color matches my decor exactly.
out of 7 reviews
Great Light!!!
Works as easy as they showed on tv. Looks great in my closet where I broke the other globe. I do like the LED light also I can see everything clearly.
2005Crossfire, AR
Great Lite. I never expected it to be as brite as it is. I know LED lites are bright but these are super bright. I will never have to replace them again. If you buy these, you won't be sorry.
tricia2, NJ
awesome lights
These are tremendous idea instead of bumping light uncovered Worked wonderfully in my basement and basement bathroom--Thanks HSN
jlovegolf, OH
out of 47 reviews
Love the sconces
Love them so much I bought two sets going to go back for another wish they were six hour timer instead of four but still really love them would recommend to anyone
james32, IN
Love These!!
Absolutely love these wall sconces, and the fact they are battery operated. They look great on the wall, and give off just the right amount of light at night time, so you are not sitting in the dark, or under a bright light. Wish i ordered more!!
FlyersChick, PA
I have 2 halls that need lighting and I couldn't aford to have an electrician wire in a light. I am truly amazed on how well made these lights are, very sturdy gives off just the right amount of light comes on every night at the same time. I could not be happier about a product.Thank you HSN.
Fran1957, MA