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So Pretty and unusual Color Chrysocolla
I really am a fan of Jay King Jewelry. These beads are larger and the color is a pistachio color which is so pretty. The color is so different. I love chunky jewelry and this fits the bill for me.
kuponolady, HI
Five Stars
Beautiful necklace, five stars.
catgirl93, MI
Very original!!
Love the necklace, very different, good length and weight and received many oooohs and ahhhhs!Love it!
Sabi0729, FL
out of 22 reviews
Great ring
It fits well and looks like you have on multiple nested rings
CaseySteven, DE
When I saw this I knew it was meant for me. I absolutely love it.
djr155, WA
What a ring!
This ring is perfect. Perfect fit, perfect sparkle, perfect on my hand. It makes me smile. This ring rang my bell. So glad I purchased.
ShappyC, DC
out of 12 reviews
Beautiful ring
If you like big and bold, you will love this ring. It is very sparkly and so comfortable. I purchased a size up to wear on my middle finger. I love this ring.
Meraboo, AR
People will notice
This is a wow wow ring. The spinel has a beautiful shine. It looks expensive. It fits nice on the finger and it is comfortable. Being black, goes with everything. Highly recommend.
googlemom, NJ
Its nice to have a black ring. Very elegant. Timeless. Thanks Colleen
Lisa212345, NY
out of 11 reviews
Lapis beauty
I am buying up Jay's lapis and love this newer design bracelet. The faceting really adds to the specialty of the lapis. Love the shape of the silver band and so appealing. Can dress up or down. Love this.
AZ83, AZ
lapis en arm
beautiful design with nice flecks.I like the open silver work complementing the shape of the stone. I have lots of Jay's lapis,etc., and will wear it with turquoise, coral, blue lace agate, malachite, etc. I really appreciate what Jay does and love his presentations.
lap1d0p0l1s, OR
Eye Candy
This is an elegant, simply made and eye catching cuff. Blue is my favorite color and it just warms my heart to have it. I have several lapis pieces of Jay's and I know this will be my favorite. I love the gold flecks in it, which along with the faceting, really makes it sparkle. The blue color is brilliant and makes this eye candy. I love the sheet material used which makes this so easy to fit to your own wrist. So pleased and hope U can get one too.
Sweetpea1947, AL
out of 11 reviews
I bought this lovely piece in labradorite and I bought all of the matching earrings in multiples for my mom, sisters and myself. The sparkle of the stones is is so pretty and the necklace is feminine and looks very similar to my solid 14k jewelry
Lovey75, TX
Rarities faceted gem pendant necklace
Beautiful pendant, had to sent back, brought wrong color, needed the pink color, but thanks again for your product and your services.
dollbaby2572282, IN
Wonderful pendant
I bought the labradorite pendant and earrings. I love it, very sparkly and beautifully made. I would definitely recommend.
Sillylilly16, NC
out of 11 reviews
Absolutely fabulous
I purchased both the necklace and earrings. Such a fabulous set! Perfectly beautiful. Everyone was fascinated with the set.
OldLace, DC
I simply LOVE this neckpiece. It is extremely an eye catching piece of jewelry. I did purchase the earrings also, but found them a bit small. I will keep them anyways, I just wish they where a bit larger.
lindalee1313, MA
Absolutely Awesome!,
I was so excited to receive this beautiful whimsical lobster necklace! When I opened the box It exceeded my expectations! The crystal stone work is so colorful and pretty, I just love, love it! I also bought the matching earrings which are equally beautiful. I live in a beach community, so this is right up my alley. Thank you Heidi for such superb craftsmanship!
Bluffhaven, FL
out of 10 reviews
The intricate enamel work and beautiful crystals are a perfect combination. Love it!
Charub, CT
Beautiful and...
lovely colours. Very well made .You can use as pendant as well as pin. Real keeper!!!
ela888, NJ
Cat Lover's Choice: Beautiful Unique Pin
This pin is extraordinary! It is quite handsome and the colors are wonderful. Perfect for a cat lover like me. However, inspect your pin carefully. I had to return twice due to a missing crystal on cat ears. The third one was perfect. Look it over closely to be sure all the crystals are intact and in place. A casual inspection is not enough. If you get a perfect one you will love it!!!
Lkp1, NY
out of 10 reviews
Circle Disc Ring
This ring looks beautiful and it fits perfectly and feels great on finger.
I got both colors. This ring looks so nice on. I have big hands so I can wear large pieces of jewelry & it doesnt over power me. This ring looks so good on & goes with everything. I got it for my ring finger In both. I Def recommend these rings. Love the
diamondkmax2, FL
Fabulous ring!!!
Another winner! I love big statement jewelry in metal and Marla knows how to do it! This is my second purchase of her jewelry and I am absolutely hooked. Thanks Marla!
Midnightblues4, WA
out of 10 reviews
This is a remarkable piece, When I go to meet the Queen, I will be wearing this piece, and SHE will be very jealous, LOL! It is beautifully made and detailed. I love it!
caraghlass, IL
Necklace is both elegant and statement making. Crystals add just the right amount of bling. Looks great with a dressy outfit as well as with a white shirt and jeans. Very comfortable on your neck.
muskego, WI
love this necklace
I bought this in both of the options. I really love it. It's very elegant.
born2swim, NJ
out of 10 reviews
I bought the natural (cream). Very nice. Heidi thanks for the omega backs; rock star of the earring world. I won't buy earrings unless they have the omega backs. They sit on the ear perfectly. I wish they came in Peridot and I'd snap them right up
tickle7363, TN
Classic Quintessential Heidi
These are classic Heidi, very well made and as my friend would say - "looks like money". I just ordered another set..I own more than 300 of her pieces, this set reminds me of why I starting collecting over a decade ago.
MelissaDT, RI
I bought these to wear for my wedding and they looked amazingly beautiful. What was a bonus is they are so comfortable and after wearing for 12 hours I forgot I had them in. So light and just lovely. You will not be disappointed.