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out of 16 reviews
Love This lite
I got two of these to use when I sew. It gives off a lot of light and has 3 settings. I also like the size so it doesnt take up a lot of space on my sewing table. I highly recommend for office or sewing.
Flower6, CA
Let there be light!
So far this lightweight desk light works great. Provides the light I need to work from home.
Jeddy12, CA
Let There Be Light
I work remote and this is the perfect desk lamp. Flexible to position and three light strengths which are not glaring.
easterlily28, IL
out of 10 reviews
First off I love the color! (I got the blue one). More importantly - this camera is easy to use and takes beautiful photos. I am big into taking pictures, and taking them all on my phone just doesn't do it for me. This camera is small enough to throw in my bag and have it whenever I want it. I also love that it comes with everything I need. I'm very happy with this purchase.
blackrose14, CT
Great picture quality!
I bought this camera bundle recently to use for my blog pictures. I love the fact that the camera is easy to use and the instructions are clear. It comes with everything you need to take pictures and film videos. I really like the that it has an extra set of camera lens and 2 battery packs. The best thing though, has to be the camera's crisp picture quality. Everything looks bright and inviting. I highly recommend this product!
One_IncMama47, GA
Great Camera!
I usually use my phone for pictures but after just having my kids senior pictures professionally done, I decided that I needed to have a camera on hand that takes good quality pictures. This happened to pop up and good reviews and I can confirm the quality of the pictures so far are amazing! Easy to use and download which was important to me.
RachelTinPA, PA
out of 9 reviews
Great cards
I love these sim cards. I have two and now I need more tech so 8 can order additional cards!
detfig68, KY
Works with my device so thankful
holly716, NY
A little over priced compared to Amazon or Ebay but it does do what's expected and a good job.
CaoticAbuss, SC
out of 5 reviews
I ordered this and/ the Smart Soundbar to replace my old underpowered wired system. I already had a Roku tv and the wireless connection was a snap. They sounded great out of the box with a minimal amount of tone adjustments available at the time. When the latest update came down it added bass and treble adjustments and truly made it more amazing. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants to improve sound without breaking the bank.
59Jeff, CA
Great Sound
This woofer was easy to setup and compliments the sound bar with the thunderous sound.
SanD731, IL
Great addition to the Roku surround sound.
To start, this only works correctly if you have either the Roku sound bar or speakers. Alone, I don't think it will pair and it will not connect to any other audio source. Sound is great. Rattled my windows on even a lower setting. Pairs great with the sound bar and speakers for a full surround sound setup. I do suggest making it a complete set if you get any of them. I'm a sound snob and this has been the best sounding setup (at the price) I've owned.
falln2pieces, FL
out of 4 reviews
I purchase this for my Samsung Tablet. it fits perfectly and it's very easy to use. and it cuts down on any stress on my thumbs. And hands from using a cell phone.
Pattty665, AZ
Good product
Works well on my tablet. Skill be ordering more.
xactlywhatiwant7, WI
This is a great device for holding your tablet. And easy to use. I don't know why HSN won't advertise this as much as they do the G-Hold tablet holder. I guess because it cost more. Even though I bought this device for my Amazon tablet (which I am returning), I am keeping it for use with my old tablet.
ThomasJ, CA
out of 4 reviews
Excellent sound bar
Easy connection and sound clarity option is a major factor at low volume.I enjoy hearing sounds that I missed with my television speakers.
DCChicDiva, DC
Sonos Arc
I wasn't sure I wanted a sound bar but my wife hated my sound setup, so I finally agreed to do some research and try to find one that I could be happy with. After lots of video watching and review readings the Sonos kept coming up. Granted the price was up there but I went for it and could not be happier, I paired the bar with the sub the One and the One SL. I have to say it is awesome. Setting everything up was a breeze. No regrets
MarkT5, TX
After a recent trip..... And having a Sonos in the rental.....I knew I had to upgrade my system. The sound from Sonos can't be beat. Loud, clear, unmatched quality. With every penny. Our friends have noticed the difference as well
escapeguy08, PA
out of 4 reviews
Roku remote
Omg this is one of the coolest remotes I have had. Almost all hands free voice controls and no batteries ! Charges with a usb. Insanely awesome. Ordering another for my den TV.
kiana1961, WY
Voice remote
Nice remote. Easy to use with your voice. Takes a time sync with tv, but nice
Pensfan1, PA
A must for those who like the Roku Remote
We have always liked the Roku remote, and always use earbuds plugged so as not to bother others. However, it ATE batteries. We switched to rechargeable batteries, and that helped, but this new remote is perfect! The battery power lasts much longer than the two AAs, and it's so easy to recharge. Also, the remote itself feels like it has a slight bit of texture to it--it's not at all slippery in the hand. Easy to set up, works perfectly, LOVE IT! Highly recommend.
PStal, WI
out of 4 reviews
Simpsons, Arcade 1up
Everyone in the family loved playing for hours on this. With 4 player controls, it got everyone involved in a team effort to battle all the way to the end. The WiFi is great, Simpsons Bowling worked totally awesome once it received the update to download all the features. Sound and graphics are good old school arcade version. The kids fight for who gets to sit on the cool Simpsons stool that came with it. Might have to buy more stools
LT_Stryder1, TX
Was great back in the day and is just as much fun on this 1up machine. Look to by X man when it goes on sale.
Josh94, WA
Great machine
This is a game ever to play I love this game back in the arcades and some arcade places still have it now great deal thanks so much HSN for having this on sale and 5 payments this is my 12th arcade in my place still not finshed yet lol
coolc46, NC
out of 4 reviews
Best Task Lamp
This lamp is great! It has 3 settings. If u need a little light u have the low setting. If you are working on an intricate project that requires a lot of light, use the highest setting. You can bend the lamp closer to your project. Only draw back which is personal and has nothing to do with the lamp function. I have it in white, and adapter is black.
Ms_Dee_Bee, SC
The best
Always good. Ottlite has changed my life.
annielouise, CA
This an awesome lamp. I use it for lighting for my new sewing machine. I saw it at JoAnn's for $59. Plus with flex payments, easier to obtain. Would be great for a desk or any other use.
FonGal, OH
out of 7 reviews
Love this light!
Love it!!
Love it!
Ptsd, MI
Wonderful lighting
This product is so convenient and the lighting is wonderful. I have two of them and I would totally recommend for soft lighting, working late or just a soft light for a room.
kimba10, NY