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This product promotes restful sleep by delivering a physiologically balanced level of Melatonin, which helps encourage a natural sleep cycle.

Melatonin-3 - 240 Capsules
  • Melatonin-3 - 240 Capsules
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Helps me relax

I have been taking this for years, does not interfere with my medications. I was taking a lot more but found letting it dissolve under my tongue I needed less, I do not recommend it, I tried do due a compounded medication I take.

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Katn2cats, AZ
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Product Description

Andrew Lessman Melatonin-3
Andrew Lessman's Melatonin-3 is designed to naturally promote restful sleep without a morning-after "hangover" by delivering a physiologically balanced level of Melatonin.

Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that is required for and directly involved in the natural sleep cycle. Our Melatonin-3 provides levels of this protective molecule that are intended to gently facilitate sleep without dependency or side effects. We all know that restful sleep is essential to recover physically and mentally from the demands of daily life. However, unexpected events, along with the stress and pace of modern life, can frequently interfere with normal sleep.

Clinical studies show that Melatonin naturally regulates our body's daily circadian rhythm (our internal 24-hour time-keeping system) that naturally determines when to fall asleep and wake up. Unfortunately, aging, excessive exposure to light in the evening, or too little light during the day, as well as jet lag, shift work and poor vision can all disrupt normal Melatonin levels.

Modern life is always challenging; however, a good night's sleep makes it easier to enjoy a happy, healthy life, and our Melatonin-3 is designed to naturally support the sleep process.

What You Get

  • 240 Melatonin-3 easy-to-swallow capsules

Made in USA

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Restful Sleep

How to Use
  • Consume one or two capsules 30 minutes before bedtime, or as recommended by a health care professional

Supplement Facts

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Andrew Lessman’s ProCaps Laboratories

For more than 30 years, Andrew Lessman has been a leader in the development of advanced natural supplements that today he creates in his state-of-the-art 100% solar-powered facility in Henderson, Nevada.

ProCaps Laboratories is unique not only for the 100% pure, additive-free supplements it produces, but also for the purity of the power used to create them.

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