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Why are vitamins necessary?

Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential to your body's health and optimal function. They act as co-factors in many enzymatic reactions in the body, scavenge free radicals to render them harmless, and support cellular health and metabolism. Of course, the best source of nutrition is your diet, and we will always recommend a healthy diet over taking a vitamin or mineral supplement. However, for the more than 75% of the active, educated, healthy Americans who do use supplements, we recommend an additive-free supplement that delivers nutrients in their safest, most effective forms.

Why is your product better than other companies' supplements?

Procaps Laboratories remains one of the few companies that actually manufactures our own products in our unique, eco-friendly, state-of-the-art facility that has been awarded for its environmental responsibility. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry. Our products are formulated based on cutting-edge nutritional science and advanced technology, delivering nutrients comprised of ultra-fine, micro-granulated powders that are easy to digest and easy to absorb.

Our products do not contain added dyes, fillers, waxes, or other unnecessary additives – just the beneficial nutrients you need in easy-to-swallow capsules. Even our capsules are natural and contain no plastic, making them quick to dissolve and gentle to even the most sensitive stomach.

We can't comment on products from other companies because we have no way of verifying their claims or quality standards, but we do know that many manufacture their products in other countries and import them to the U.S. Many of the most popular vitamins contain chemical additives including artificial colors, fillers, preservatives and processing aids. The hard tablets or plastic capsules sold by other companies can often pass through the body undigested.

Of course, many companies claim to have the "best" products, but in our case it is true. Other companies will usually say anything to get a sale, but we will never give out misleading or inaccurate information. We also never claim our products cure or treat any medical conditions, unlike many competitors.

Andrew Lessman, founder and owner of ProCaps Laboratories, has been in the "vitamin business" for more than 35 years and continues to be the visionary behind the company. You can learn more about the company and its founder here.

I am a new customer. Which products do you recommend I start with?

For the average, healthy adult, the nutritional foundation provided by a high potency, comprehensive multi-vitamin-mineral supplement, such as one of our Multivitamin formulas, is a great place to start. You can then add additional products targeted to your special needs -- for example anti-oxidants or supplements that benefit a specific area of the body like your joints or eyes. We always recommend that you consult with your health care provider prior to starting any supplement regimen to ensure it is appropriate for your individual needs.

How do I know which multivitamin is right for me?

We have several different multivitamins providing varied nutrient potency levels, specific nutrients not found in other multivitamins and combined nutrients in one multivitamin. The best way to find out which multivitamin suits your needs is to consider your lifestyle: What's lacking in your diet? Is your exercise routine taxing the nutrients in your body? Do your stress levels necessitate incorporating more anti-oxidants?

Can I accidentally take too many nutrients?

For healthy individuals, the nutrient levels provided by dietary supplements are generally safe when taken according to the suggested use on the label. When taking multiple supplements or combining with other fortified foods, check the labels to ensure you are not exceeding upper safety limits of any nutrients.

Of course, your diet also plays a role. For example, the recommended dietary allowance for calcium is 1000-1300 mg per day. If you do not eat dairy products, you may choose to supplement 1000-1300 mg of calcium. If you eat a lot of dairy, you may only need to supplement half that amount.

Every individual is different and nutritional needs will vary depending on age, lifestyle, health status and other factors, so it is important to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure your supplement regimen is appropriate for you.

Should I keep my supplements in the fridge?

There is no need to refrigerate any of our encapsulated products. In order to maintain maximum potency, vitamins should be stored tightly closed in a cool, dry, dark place.

Can I take your supplements with my medication?

We suggest that you consult your health care provider prior to taking any supplement, especially if you are being monitored for any health condition or if you are taking any prescription medications. Your pharmacist is also a good source of information. Our label information for every product can be found on the product page of this website. Print them out and share them with your health care provider.

Can I open capsules and add the contents to food?

Yes, the capsules can be opened and the ingredients mixed into smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, and other cold food and drinks. Open the capsules by grasping at the ends and twisting in opposite directions. Since heat can destroy nutrients, please do not mix into hot substances unless the instructions on the label specify to do so.

What do anti-oxidants REALLY do?

Anti-oxidants are natural compounds that inhibit the oxidation of target molecules by free radicals. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that are generated through normal cellular reactions in the body, such as eating or exercise, or can be created from exposure to pollutants, physical stress or injury. As free radicals build within the body, they attack other nearby molecules, generating even more free radicals in an ongoing cascade and causing damage to cells and tissues in the process. Anti-oxidants either prevent the initiation of free radical attack on other molecules or they stabilize free radicals, rendering them harmless in both instances.

Why should I take a multivitamin?

The ProCaps Laboratories' strategy on supplementation promotes the multivitamin as its foundation because this is where a person will get the essential vitamins and minerals that are lacking in their diet. Those nutrients that the body cannot produce on its own, or cannot make in sufficient quantities, are not always provided in the day-to-day foods we consume (fast foods, processed foods, etc.). We often don't get enough nutrients from our Westernized diet to achieve optimal health, hence the importance of a multivitamin.

Do you list expiration dates on your products?

Yes we do. The expiration date for the product is on the bottom of the bottle. We guarantee 100 percent potency until that date. After that date, the product is still safe to take but will gradually lose its potency.

Is there any independent testing done?

We only source ingredients from internationally recognized suppliers that meet our rigorous standards for quality and purity. In-house and independent third-party testing is conducted to ensure our materials are consistently maintaining these standards, from raw material to finished product. In addition, our facility and products are routinely audited and certified by one of the most respected, independent organizations, NSF International.

We do all of our own manufacturing with strict quality standards, eliminating any possibility of outside tampering or manufacturing process complications. Our quality control methods allow us to confidently state that our products are more potent, pure, reliable, and safe than any other products on the market.

Why are there so many capsules in the multivitamins?

The multivitamins offer comprehensive formulas with nutrient levels too high to be contained in one capsule. If the extra capsules are too much at one meal, you can split them up between meals or open the capsules and add the ingredients to cold food or beverages.

Are there any 'Certificates of Analysis' for the raw ingredients?

We get a "Certificate of Analysis" for the raw ingredients we use to ensure the purity of each ingredient. Our standards for raw materials acquisition are the highest in the industry, as is our standard for manufacturing.

What are soft-gels?

Soft-gels are liquid-filled capsules that are ideal for delivery of certain oil-based formulations, such as omega-3 fatty acids. Our soft-gels protect their delicate liquid contents from oxidation and instability, and contain none of the additives or plasticizers present in ordinary soft-gels.

Where are your products made?

All ProCaps Laboratories products are made in our own 100% solar-powered, temperature-controlled manufacturing facility and warehouse located in Henderson, Nevada. From product design and manufacturing to shipping and customer service, we control every step of the process to ensure you receive the freshest, highest-quality supplements backed by the most advanced research and technology.

Do your products contain additives?

Unlike other conventional formulas, our products contain only the nutrients you want and NO additives of any kind. Every formula is metabolically and pH-balanced to ensure optimum effectiveness and to prevent stomach discomfort, even in sensitive individuals.

Why are ProCaps Laboratories in capsules?

One of the most important differences between ProCaps Laboratories and other supplement manufacturers is that we NEVER use tablets. To make a tablet, it is necessary for other ingredients such as glues, binders, fillers and other additives to be added into the formula. For this reason we only put our additive-free powders in a gelatin capsule to sustain our nutrients.

Why do you use Purple Perma-fresh packets instead of clear plastic packets?

The Purple Perma-fresh packets help protect the nutrients from exposure to air, moisture and sunlight, assuring you the potency and purity that you expect from a supplement. Clear plastic cannot protect fragile nutrients from these environmental elements which can degrade their effectiveness and reduce their benefits. We package many of our comprehensive formulas in single-dose Purple Perma-fresh packets to provide you with convenient daily servings that can be put in your purse or lunch bag.

Do I have to take all the capsules in a packet at the same time?

If you are taking one packet daily, we recommend you take all capsules in the packet at the same time, after a large meal. First, this allows you to obtain higher tissue levels of all the nutrients. Second, you are much more likely to take ProCaps Laboratories products regularly if you only need to take them once a day, rather than two or three times. However, since each capsule is identical, you may split the contents of each packet between two or more meals if you prefer.

What does "standardized" mean when referring to botanical materials?

The standardization process involves testing plants and herbs for specific active components and verifying that those active components are present in the final product. Standardization also specifies a minimum potency or potency range (usually as a percentage). As a result, one is able to easily and accurately determine an effective dosage level. This is very important because it will allow you to identify how much of an active you are actually getting and you can easily conform your dosage level to what research has determined to be the most beneficial and effective.

What do IU, mg & mcg mean?

Many of our ingredients are listed with notations. We understand that our customers need to be able to understand what they're getting, so here's what those notations mean.

mg = milligram 1000 mg = 1 gram

mcg = microgram 1000 mcg = 1 milligram

IU = international unit - This measurement is used for the fat-soluble vitamins - Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. The measurement of IU is not easily compared to milligrams, since it depends on the particular substance.