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Immune Factors delivers a comprehensive blend of standardized botanicals such as Echinacea, Goldenseal, Astragalus and our organic mushroom blend as well as high levels of a complete Vitamin B-Complex and our unique, non-acidic Vitamin C, to help support healthy immune system function.

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Have been Immune Factors for three years now and feel they have boosted my immune system significantly.I have no had a six sick day since starting them and also have never had Covid even after exposure from family.Needless to say I will continue taking them foreve.

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Product Description

Andrew Lessman Immune Factors
Andrew Lessman's Immune Factors is an extremely comprehensive blend of nutrients, botanicals and mushrooms to support a healthy immune system.

Immune Factors begins with our high potency B-complex, along with our non-acidic vitamin C—all of which are essential for a healthy immune system. They are also not readily available from the diet and easily depleted by stress and life. We add two standardized extracts of Echinacea, along with extracts of Goldenseal, Berberine, Astragalus and Black Currant. All of these plant-based extracts have been used for centuries to support optimum immune system function and modern research has validated their benefits.

We also add our unique, proprietary blend of organic immune supportive mushrooms, including Turkey Tail, Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, Shiitake, Cordyceps, and Agaricus. The combined benefits of all these remarkable ingredients make Immune Factors a uniquely powerful opportunity to naturally support immune system function.

What You Get
  • 30 Immune Factors easy-to-swallow capsules

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Immune Health

How to Use
  • Consume two or more capsules daily with food or as recommended by your physician.

Supplement Facts

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Andrew Lessman’s ProCaps Laboratories

For more than 30 years, Andrew Lessman has been a leader in the development of advanced natural supplements that today he creates in his state-of-the-art 100% solar-powered facility in Henderson, Nevada.

ProCaps Laboratories is unique not only for the 100% pure, additive-free supplements it produces, but also for the purity of the power used to create them.

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