Women's Wellness

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  • Fantastic, (Victoria00787 NJ)

    This is one of the many products that I love by Andrew. Please consider offering it in a larger quantity like your other supplements throughout the year. Thanks so much.

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  • Women's Wellness, (sunnysc53 SC)

    These seemed to help or actually eliminate my relatively mild menopause symptoms within a few days. I am in beginning stages so I will continue to take these. Take several other Andrew Lessman products which I really like. It is hard to purchase another brand now.

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  • It Helps , (angleseyes8 NY)

    I recently had my first hot flash. I ordered these vitamins immediately afterwards. It's been a few weeks and they seem to be helping. The hot flashes have stopped especially at night. I have more energy. So far so good!

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  • Hot flash relief! , (JanieRaeco CA)

    Used this for years, works great!

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  • Didn't make me sick!!!, (SENC NC)

    This is the first vitamin I've tried that hasn't made me sick to my stomach. I now have a bit more energy and will continue to take them. THANK YOU!!!

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  • Made a huge difference !, (nomanok OK)

    Andrew was right again! The Womens Ultimate Wellness vitamins have really helped with the uncomfortable effects of menopause. Highly recommend!

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  • Wonderf, (sweetpea0406 NM)

    Im in my 70s Ive had hot flashes. I dont want to take prescription drugs I take this every evening. Its wonderful it helps you relax. It helps me sleep. It helps. I have no hot flashes.

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  • Need This On Auto-Delivery, (Noveltygirl NY)

    For the past 2 months my life has been turned upside down trying to deal with the HOT FLASHES. I am using other supplements tables from Andrew Lessman and decided to give this product a try. Needless to say Andrew has done it again. After 3 weeks the intensity of the flashes have subsided and I am able to sleep better and function at work. Thank you again.

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  • Never be without!, (nejelai IL)

    I take one in than AM and two at night. This is the perfect dose for me. Thank you, for this supplement that supports us women during the most challenging times in our lives!

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  • Good product, (Annie6124 NV)

    I bought this product for my daughter who is going through the early onset of menopause. She said the hot flashes was so uncomfortable. It's been about three weeks now and no hot flashes. She also said that she feels better all around. Thank you Andrew for all that you do for us!

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  • Feeling Better, (DashGo FL)

    I've used this product off & on for couple years. Recently ran out & noticed my nights sweats & hot flashes returned. Feeling sluggish with little energy. Then realized It could be I wasn't taking Woman's Wellness anymore. I ordered a big bottle & started taking again. Within a week I was feeling better & no more night sweats & hot flashes. Recommend this product highly

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  • women's wellness capsules, (dette60 OH)

    makes me feel good to start my day.

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  • Wonderful wellness, (bjbmom IL)

    As with most of Andrew's vitamins, I was very satisfied with this product, this is my second reorder. Being in menopause presents many challenges, I take this alongside my essential daily vitamin. Thank you for another great product!

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  • Unbelievable, (Amy_Nicole SC)

    I'm in my 40's and started menopause. I cant put into words how horrific that My hot flashes were. It was 24/7 for the past 3-4 yrs for me. So embarrassing & frustrating. I didn't like to be touched even. On a whim I tried the Ultimate Women's Wellness and I've taken almost 90 vitamins(time to reorder),but within 2 weeks of taking these my hot flashes stopped. I thank Andrew Lessman so very much. I was changing clothes & showering 2 to 3 times a day. But no more! Try this, you will be amazed!

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  • Great Product , (am54 LA)

    Im going through menopause and I want something natural to assist this process! I love this formula and I sure can tell when I miss a day! I feel balanced and like myself again! I dont have hot flashes like I used to! I sleep well! Please try this product!

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