Ultimate Whey Protein Isolate

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  • Ultimate Whey Protein , (1Rose16 CA)

    This is my first time purchasing this particular offering.It is "air" light and no taste. Which is what I was looking for to blend with other things. It mixes well and I find it a very nice product.

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  • Great stuff!, (lockette WI)

    It works, and no funky aftertaste!

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  • The Best!, (BarbK0315 MI)

    This is the best protein powder ever! It has no taste and mixed beautiful in my daily smoothies. Ran out and picked up a container at the grocery store. Bad decision as it has a bad taste both during and after drinking. Waste of money and will probably be wasted. Definitely, Andrew's products are trust worthy and is a good feeling to know he is the 'real deal." Do yourself a favor, buy and do not run out!

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  • Disappointed , (sk19 NV)

    Disappointed it could not be mixed with hot liquid even though instructions said it could be mixed with any liquid. It curdled in hot water. Giving it 5 stars only because I know Andrews products are the best.

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  • Love this! , (Lori310 CA)

    I love Andrews gluten free oatmeal and mix this in with it! Perfect

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  • Whey protein, (HSNfan175 IL)

    This is the best neutral, no flavor protein you can use with anything! Add into drinks and foods.

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  • Love this stuff, (jaja200702 NC)

    No taste. Easy to mix. Post workout supplement love it

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  • It is really a great product, (Flor454 FL)

    This product is really good. It will make you lose pound too. It does not have flavor which I love cause it is a sign that it only has good stuff on it. After work out and take it. It make me feel good and something I love is you will not feel hungry for long time since I in the process to lose weight. I did not even know it before buy it. I bought just to keep and build muscle in the process of my diet and work out.

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  • The Best!, (nicksmomalways CA)

    I need extra protein with my replacement shake and this is the best tasting protein powder I have come across. Just add a scoop and stir . Blends good with my drink and makes my shakes taste richer. Wishing we could have in bigger serving size

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  • Ultimate Whey Protein, (rollie1 OH)

    I am very pleased with AndrewLessman's Ultimate whey Protein. His protein, like all of his products, have no fillers. Also, this wonderful protein has 0 fat, sugar, cholesterol, and little sodium. I blend it with skim milk, frozen fruits and Andrew's Collagen, and it gives me a tasty smoothie I use to work out with. Andrew's whey protein helps me attain toned and strong muscles. Thank you Andrew Lessman.

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  • always a favorite, (froggie1 CA)

    have been using every morning for years. a staple in this house.

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  • Love it, second order!, (PixieGirl123 PA)

    This is my second order. Love how smooth it is to blend with juice and the quality. Yes, it's a bit more expensive, but it's worth it.

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  • Like no other, (cmofsocal CA)

    Been on Andrew Lessmansmeal resplacement for years. As of last month switching to Whey. Doing best to have clean and pesiticide free food. Not sure if Ultimate isolate is pesticide free or if there is such a thing for isolates. The good news is this. My health coach DC & kinesiologist has list of foods that my body is strong with. Whey to go Mr. Lessman. I am strong and finally seeing the scale move downward. Love in tea, coffee & shakes. Hope to see a Whey cookbook soon? Whey Cheers to you!

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  • Whey protein andrew lessman , (Tunacake61 VA)

    The best!!!!!!!

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  • Makes a great smoothie., (AZlover AZ)

    I use my NutriBullet for morning smoothies and add my Andrew Lessman supplements. I bought the Whey Protein to add protein with my fruits and almond milk. My smoothies are thick and fluffy--I think the protein powder helps this. I cannot taste anything and love that I'm adding to my daily protein intake.

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