Tony Little Destress Hypoallergenic Pillowcase 2-pack

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  • We love our pillows & their cases, (PeteyJ VA)

    The pillows are vice and cool with these special cases. we have bought a total of 5 cases so we can change them more frequently'

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  • Hlad ro get these, (CafeMan1 NC)

    I love Tonys pillows and am glad to get the new cases.I will say that the price is high but worth it in the long run

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    Years ago, I bought several Tony Little Pillows, which still exist but not in daily use. However, I have continued to use these amazing pillowcases. Soft, silky, and stay on due to the recessed zipper. Well, I bought a new side sleeper pillow and remembered where I got the cases. I chose the full size, as I had the queen which were much too large. The full are perfect. I love them. Highly recommend for ANY pillow!

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    For years I have had the Tony Little Microbead pillows and throughout this time, these are the only cases that fit the pillows allowing the beads to "do theirown thing" as intended. The only issue is with the zippers which are easily caught on the track if you aren't very careful when opening and closing them.

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  • My set of Tony's Little Pillows needed HELP, (parkchester NY)

    I was not pleased with the pillowcase that came with my queen size pillows, way to big.I read a review and that person had the same problem, she said to order a set of Tony Little Full Size for Queen Size Pillows.This fixed the sloppy looking pillows, just wished I could had gotten white like the set came with ,took gray as anything in full size would be better .

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  • Silky feel, (LawLady7 AL)

    These are a perfect fit, like the ones that came with the pillows. I like the color better than the original white as I sometimes have hair dye transfer issues. Cases give as you move the pillow around.

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  • Pillow cases, (pc1aaaaa TX)

    I am so glad to finally get these pillow cases, I have been looking for some to change out with the ones that came with my pillows so these are great.

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  • Perfect!, (Me2652 NC)

    I wanted another set of pillowcases as I wanted to have something to change while washing. The color is surprising as it matches my bedding. Its comforting.

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  • Great , (nanarn52 AR)

    Smaller sizes come in handy very often. I started out with these to form an opinion. Very nice

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  • Pillowcases, (Jodes565 MN)

    I was so happy to get my new pillowcases. Years ago I ordered a set of standard pillows from Tony and oh my goodness its the best pillow Ive ever used. It forms to your own body, its wonderful. My pillowcases were wearing thin from having them on consecutively for years so I bought new ones. I would have liked white but they only had two colors so I got the sage. Love it

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  • Hypoallergenic Pillowcases, (RemrenGigi TX)

    So glad he had these available during his visit. The quality is good and I would like to see some more choices in color palettes offered

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  • Love these stretchy cases for his pillows!, (ajg123 MA)

    I have had the Tony Little Queen size pillows for years. I buy his Full size cases to put over the Queen pillows. I love the squishyness of these pillows. If you have the King, then after they are older get the Queen cases, it holds them in and makes them feel like new. Regular cases don't let you enjoy the comfort as well as these stretchy cases. Highly recommend to get the smaller size after a few years of using his pillows. Honestly the BEST Pillows I have ever bought!

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  • Extra set, (sonobird GA)

    I love my pillows!! The white cases that come with it get soiled from my makeup (and don't really match my decor), so having any extra set on laundry day - that match by bedding is great!!

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  • very silky, (Invictagirl AZ)

    was impressed with the Gray pillow cases very soft and sleek ,the color very vibrant. the zipper looks very well made to,not like i read the other reviews. also order the pink color ones but i just put away for the winter months. bought in the full size.

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