Astaxanthin 12

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  • I can see clearly now Part 2, (CMDRAL VA)

    Just as with Ultimate Eye Support, without Astaxanthin it seems my vision is cloudy and not quite as colorful but with it well even my edge vision, definition of my sight, and seeing better in full color is improved, thanks Andrew for this wonderful product.

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  • Better mood, (Kyko1 AZ)

    I have only been taking it a few days and it is the only change I have made. I have been feeling calm and in a better mood.

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  • Astaxanthin 4000, (tbrnet2b MN)

    Astaxanthin 4000: a concentrated delivery of Astaxanthin. Recent research shows Astaxanthin possesses antioxidant powers greater than Beta-Carotene, Lutein, Lycopene and Zeaxanthin. Astaxanthin protect cell oxidative damage & crosses blood-brain barrier delivering benefits to delicate brain/nervous system tissues. Found in fish/shellfish consuming Astaxanthin-rich organisms.

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  • Astaxanthin, (Alicia21 CA)

    Helps my body relax without getting sleepy. I shared with my peers at work. A must try!

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  • Help me , (teriooo MN)

    Hi I read the reviews on itchy skin Ive had itchy skin for a long time went to the doctor could not figure it out the itchy skin got really bad at Night thought I may have bedbugs went and bought a new mattress new sheets the itching still continued started taking two capsules when I got the bottle within four hours I could feel my skin felt different that night I went to bed did not itch at all I continue to take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening what a lifesaver

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  • It Really Helped Me, (njane PA)

    I first heard about Astaxanthin from my nutritionist who recommended it to help with my itchy skin. I dont know how it works exactly but I have tried several creams and nothing else helped. I am so grateful to have found this product and will continue to use it, as well as the Essential 1 and Omega 3.

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  • Great , (Kissyofhoney MI)

    I take it with Ultimate eye support. Better eye exams. Better vision.

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  • Good eye health, (SG59 FL)

    Excellent quality vitamin. It is very good for my eye health. Lessman products are top notch. Very satisfied.

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  • Completely satisfied, (fav8 TX)

    Andrews vitamins are always the best

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  • Great product, (kaprit UT)

    I've been using Eye Support for yrs but when I started having flashes out the corner of my eye I decided to also add Astaxanthin. Could just be my imagination that this helped but the flashes have stopped (they had been going on close to a month). I take a natural approach w my health as I can so QUALITY products are very important to me. And that's exactly what you get w Andrew Lessmans supplements.

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  • Very good, (Terri5555 WY)

    After utilizing some of Andrews vitamins, can feel a better me.

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  • Second Purchase , (Melala TX)

    These have helped to improve my eye sight! I don't rely on my readers anymore!

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  • A plus for the eye., (2day_is_great DE)

    I'm very happy to be taking this vitamin for the eyes as it can be hard for me to get all the nutrition I need out of my food. This is a great bonus for eye nutrition and I don't see this one much. I appreciate having this to help maintain my vision.

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  • Great supplement, (55crusaderrabbit CA)

    I stopped taking astaxanthin for a while and I felt a difference in my leg muscles and it does help eyesight. I will not stop taking the supplement because i physically feel better.

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  • Investment in my future, (MissouriDawn MO)

    Im in my early 50s and I have glaucoma. This has made me realize that vision is a gift to be cherished and cared for. I use this product along with Ultimate Eye Support to give my eye health every advantage as I age. I want the best eye sight possible for the rest of my life, so I feel like Andrews eye supplements are an investment in my future health and quality of life.

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