Solar Lights

Accentuate Your Landscape with Solar Lights

Solar lights are an earth-friendly way to illuminate driveways and garden paths, highlight special design features and brighten your planters. At HSN, we offer solar lights in many different shapes and sizes at a variety of price points. With convenient FlexPay, you can spread out the cost of solar-powered outdoor lights out over time to upgrade your outdoor living space on a budget.

Backyard solar lights have solar panels which absorb the sun's energy during the day. They reserve the sun's energy in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries built into the solar lights. At night, they automatically light up without electricity. The power reserved in the battery keeps solar lights illuminated long after the sun sets each day. If its solar panel gets at least six hours of full sunlight, a solar light can stay on all night.

Many people prefer solar lights because they can enjoy them without impacting their energy bills. They also appreciate that solar lights never require complicated installation. Simply place the solar panel in direct sunlight and let the sun do all the hard work. Solar lights also illuminate and charge automatically, so you can enjoy them without the fuss of turning them on and off each day. As they're made for outdoor use, solar lights are also durable enough to withstand all weather conditions.

Look for solar lights with special features like remote operation, decorative elements and variable color and pattern modes. You can choose from a range of installation methods and designs, including lights attached to garden stakes, in planters, in LED ropes and as mounted spotlights. Solar string lights are made for decorating windows, balconies and porches. Solar path lights light the sides of your driveway or the path to your front door. 

With garden solar lights, outdoor spaces become safer and more inviting. There's also a magical quality about the way that solar lights twinkle in the moonlight. With the extensive selection of choices from HSN, you can achieve the tranquil outdoor space you've always wanted without increasing your energy bills.