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We’ve got the greatest gifts and goodies to make your Christmas shopping merry. Plus, seasonal decor, holiday preparation, entertaining and storage items!
Special events like Thanksgifting, Cyber Monday and The 12 Gifts of Christmas and Christmas shopping features like FlexPay (better than layaway), HSN Gift Cards (the gift of choice) and an online instant-win game (The Great Gift Giveaway) save you time and money to spend with friends and family.
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October 14 - December 21
Holiday Store
November 4-5
HSN Cooks Event
November 12
Boyfriend, Kate Walsh
November 25-29
Thanksgifting Weekend & Cyber Monday
November 29
Mariah Carey Premiere
... and more!
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christmas shopping and year-round gift-giving at HSN
When it comes to Christmas shopping and seasonal and birthday gift-giving, we all have our particular plans. Sometimes, last-minute Christmas shopping is a looked forward to as its own tradition; other times, we may find just the perfect present for next year before this year’s gift-gifting has wrapped up! It doesn’t matter if your birthday, holiday, event or Christmas shopping is last-minute or months ahead, HSN is a perfect fit as your holiday hub and gift-shopping destination.