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The Best Washers and Dryers Make Laundry a Pleasure

Washers and dryers are two of the most important appliances in the house, but it's rare to think of them unless one or—knock on wood—both of them break down or start showing signs of wear and tear. Whether you know you have older appliances that you need to upgrade in the next few years or you're simply in the market for a new machine or set, it's better to be proactive. Take a look at our selection of washers and dryers—maybe there's room in the budget to update your appliances. You don't have to buy a set, of course. People often buy one at a time. Consider a traditional top-loading washing machine or opt for a modern front-loading washer. Find the matching dryer and get the complete set now or wait a bit longer. Digital machines calibrate the size of each load to save time and water. Do you live in a small space? If there's not a lot of room allotted to your appliances, you can consider a stacked washer/dryer combination. It's also convenient to do your laundry laterally. Don't spend all your free time and quarters at the laundromat. The detergent's overpriced, anyway. Shop at HSN for washers and dryers to fit your needs and your budget.