Timex Watches


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Complete Your Look With a Timeless Treasure

You know what they say about a Timex watch: ""It takes a licking and keeps on ticking,"" and for good reason. Timex is one of the toughest watches money can buy, and its appeal is as durable as the watch itself. Find Timex watches for the whole family at HSN, including kids' watches that match their favorite characters. Timex watches for men feature a rugged expedition style that fits well with his outdoor lifestyle, while a lady's Timex is attractive all on its own, yet easily layers with gold and silver bracelets. Timex is a genuine American brand, founded in Connecticut over 160 years ago, and it's now so much more than a timepiece — it's a faithful fashion accessory for every look. You can use leather or nylon straps or a classic metallic expansion band to dress them up or go casual. Timex watches at HSN capture this brand's traditional appeal and their consistently reasonable price tag. Starting with the midget women's Timex that led to the first military issue wristwatch and the memorable 1950s slogan that paved the way to their collection of men's sports watches, Timex remains a reliable and fashionably timeless treasure that keeps on ticking for everyone.