Tiffany Style Wall Sconces

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    • Dale Tiffany Pebble Stone Wall Sconce
    $136.95 or 5 payments of $27.39

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Discover Luminous Lighting Styles

Light up your home with classic style when you incorporate Tiffany style wall sconces into your home lighting scheme. Introduce a cozy, romantic mood to any room with warm light, glowing through stained glass shades of these Tiffany style wall lamps. The elegant wall lamps, sconces, and lighting options from the HSN Home Marketplace will add warmth to a bathroom vanity, introduce a hint of Arts and Crafts era mystique to your entryway, or complement your bedside lamps with matching Tiffany style wall lights. Wherever you choose to incorporate them in your home design, you will feel transported by these traditional yet transcendent lighting options. Tiffany style lights conjure the warmth of an old library, the welcome of a stately mission-style bungalow, and the elegance of Belle Epoque design. Marked by their iconic, organic forms, colorful geometric designs, and interlocking cells of colorful glass, these stained-glass wall lights radiate refinement. Whether you are seeking dramatic up-lighting or ambient illumination, you'll discover options in a variety of styles: from intricate, rich jewel tones and amber glass to soothing accents of blue and green on a field of white. Endless lighting options await in the HSN Home Marketplace, so you can radiate your own personal style.