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Make Cleanup Quick and Easy

When you're looking for a quick and easy way to clean up messes on your hard floors, turn to the spin mop. With plenty of convenient features, a spin mop will make mopping floors one of your easiest chores. The spin mop offers multiple functions to make it the only mop you need. Use the dry spin mop to sweep up dust, dirt, or fur. When that's done, the bucket easily holds water and any cleaning solution you want to use. The built-in agitator spins the mop head to release any dirt or grime you've already cleaned up so you always get a fresh mop. This makes the spinning mop ideal to use on linoleum, tile, wood, and other hard floors. Consider adding a dolly for your spin mops and buckets so you can simply push the mop and bucket around and prevent putting extra stress on your back by bending over and carrying a heavy bucket of water. You can even purchase a scrub brush head that easily replaces the mop head to remove those stubborn spots on the floor. The spin mop makes it easy for you to get clean and shiny floors without ever breaking a sweat, and it comes with numerous features to make this chore a breeze.