Rhonda Shear Nightgowns & Sleepwear


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Up All Night 2.0

Quintessential Rhonda Shear shines through this stunning collection. The New Orleans native and Hollywood bombshell delivers her exotic, worldly style straight to your home. Wrap yourself in timeless glamour with a robe from the lingerie mogul who literally wrote the book on female style. You can even find one of the gorgeous pieces from this collection gracing the cover of Shear's "Up All Night" its sexy author toasting her audience with a glass of champagne. The elegance here is effortless. As with all Rhonda Shear pieces, you can count on comfort, too. Don a dressing gown for post-shower bedtime prep. Slip it over something from Rhonda Shear's camisole collection as you prepare your hair and makeup for the day. You'll look sophisticated and chic even in public when you wrap a belted kimono over a little black dress and slide your feet into a pair of sexy boots or pumps. That's right: The sheer, lightweight georgette fabric enables your long, flowing robe to double as outerwear. Impressed onlookers will want to know where you bought your outfit. Surprise a special woman in your life with a gift of glamour. With one size and easy care instructions, you cannot go wrong.