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Take Your Music on the Go With iPods

Whether you're going for a run or heading to the beach, an Apple iPod is the perfect companion. Sleek, slim, and stylish, these portable music players let you bring along your tunes wherever you go. If you need something small and unobtrusive, consider the iPod shuffle. These iPods are small enough to slip into your pocket or fit into specially designed armbands. They have easy to use buttons so you can enjoy your music, audio books, and podcasts while you're on the go. If you need something that adds a little extra entertainment, look into the iPod nano. When you're listening to your favorite music and come across a song you love, you can use the nano to instantly create a playlist of similar songs. Plus, not only can you listen to podcasts and audio books on the nano, you can also use it to listen to FM radio. If you're using your nano as a workout companion, the built-in pedometer makes it easy to keep track of your progress and meet your daily goals. No matter how you're looking to use your iPods, HSN has the latest styles that will meet your needs perfectly.