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Add Cool Texture and Create Eye-Catching Designs with Metal Embellishments

Add texture and beauty to any project with metal embellishments from HSN. While cardstock and stickers are traditional when it comes to creating scrapbooks, cards, or invitations, metal embellishments for scrapbooking add charm and character that conventional supplies lack. Shop scrapbooking metal embellishments like keyholes, adornments, sprocket gears, and game spinners to create beautiful personalized pages for your scrapbook project. Don't forget to add a tiny attacher to your shopping basket since smaller metal pieces are often challenging. Mix different metals and add glitter or paint for eye-catching decorations to your scrapbook pages. Metal embellishments are also fun to help get creative when designing greeting cards or invitations. Add a key and keyhole to show how your loved one unlocked your heart on Valentine's Day or his or her birthday. Game spinners are fun to create an invitation for a birthday party or bachelorette party. Metal word bands add beautiful inspiration for a card for someone going through a tough time. Creating cards show off your creativity and offer the person something more personalized than a card you picked up at the drug store. Shop HSN to take your scrapbooks and greeting cards to the next level with metal embellishments and other cool accessories for your next project.