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Move to the Groove Anywhere With JBL Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Bluetooth speakers change the way you listen to music. Even if you prefer wearing Bluetooth or wired headphones to listen to your tunes, this speaker will compel you to share your music with the world — and they'll probably be able to hear it, too. The sound quality is out-of-this-world. Better still, you can thump the bass at a throbbing level, and you won't hear any rattling or shaking from the speaker. Listen to it in the shower, take it to the beach, or cart it down to your favorite river spot because most JBL speakers are waterproof. Snag the JBL Charge 3 if you're in the market for a portable speaker that will also charge your mobile devices. That kind of convenience is priceless. Go for an extreme option to make every playlist sound like a live concert. Opt for the compact clip-on speaker to bring your music everywhere. It's the perfect size and shape to hang in the shower. Before your next party, think about purchasing a stunning lighted speaker capable of putting on a light show. Music lovers deserve to splurge on audio accessories and equipment that guarantee exceptional sound quality. Take a look at HSN's selection of speakers from JBL and find a speaker that suits you.