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Change Your Home Hardware to Transform Your Space

Home hardware can mean a couple of things. It can refer to the items you need around the house to get things done and the things you rarely think about until you need them. Have you ever tried to change a bulb or reach a light fixture, only to find that you have to stand on a rickety old chair instead of something sturdy? Invest in home improvement must-haves, such as step stools and telescoping ladders. You never know what you might need to reach. Hardware also refers to functional decor items, drawer pulls, door knobs and handles, and locks. Changing the knobs and pulls on cabinets, doors, and drawers will transform their appearance. Add a bit of paint and distressing, and it will seem like a brand new piece. Consider intricate handles for your drawers, or go for a sleek brushed metal pull. Porcelain knobs update your doors, while antique metal is ideal for a rustic aesthetic. Not all hardware is decorative, however. Think about getting new locks for your windows. Update the appearance of your home, and make sure that you have all the tools necessary to do it. From step ladders to packs of pull handles, HSN has all the hardware you need for home improvement projects.