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Treat Yourself to Delicious Giannios Chocolates and Fudge

It's been a long week of work, carpools, and cranky but loveable little ones. It's time to kick off your heels and relax. You need a special treat. Your sweet tooth is calling, and only chocolate will satisfy your craving. Don't settle for grocery store candy from the checkout counter. Today, only quality chocolate made from fresh ingredients will do. You deserve a little something special, like Giannios chocolates. Indulge your taste buds with silky raspberry cream wrapped in dark chocolate, marshmallow coated in milk chocolate, or heavenly fudge in mouth-watering flavors like peanut butter and chocolate walnut. If you're willing to share, Giannios fudge is the perfect dessert to end your date night or family dinner on a sweet note. Can't decide on a favorite chocolate indulgence? That's alright. Giannios fudge comes in a pack of four flavors. For more variety, choose the six-pound Giannios chocolate assortment with 14 different flavors. Your chocolates will stay fresh, too, because your order will arrive in a decorative tin with each piece individually wrapped. The only challenge? Hiding your grownup chocolate stash from the kids! Order your chocolate reward today. Giannios chocolates are perfect for dinner parties, holidays, and birthdays, too. Shop the HSN Giannios candy collection now.