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Choose an Asus Desktop Computer for All Your Needs

Experience the power, performance, and design that set ASUS desktop computers apart from the rest. An ASUS desktop will enhance your computing experience by making browsing the internet, playing games, watching movies, composing blogs, and crafting presentations more satisfying than ever. Their ultra-high resolution and smooth frame rate make them enjoyable to operate, under almost any circumstance. ASUS desktop personal computers feature a broad range of case designs and system configurations to meet the diverse needs of students, professionals, and home users. Many ASUS desktops come equipped with built-in Ethernet ports and WiFi adapters, allowing users to choose their network connections. Multiple USB ports make it easy for users to simultaneously connect game controllers, external drives, and other accessories. Most ASUS computers are equipped with a Microsoft Windows operating system, which includes built-in malware and virus protection and an intuitive user interface. Select systems feature a Google Chrome OS, which utilizes cloud-based storage to give users a swift and versatile computing experience. All ASUS desktops feature top-quality ASUS motherboards, that use the latest Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. This provides an exceptional keyboard and mouse experience. To maintain their superior performance, ASUS desktop towers are cooled with a high-quality cooling system. This helps them execute almost any task efficiently and contributes to their long lifespan.