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Make Your Life Easier By Connecting Alexa-Compatible Electronics

Make your life easier and your home smarter with Amazon Alexa compatible devices. If you already own the personal assistant device from Amazon, then upgrade her capabilities with Alexa smart devices. Buy outlets and connect them to Alexa so you no longer have to get out of bed to turn the lights off and on. An awkward light switch placement no longer matters when you can use your voice to turn the power off and on. Control the temperature in your home with a Nest thermostat that's compatible with Alexa as well. If you're feeling chilly, just ask Alexa to raise the temperature. If your Amazon Echo is in the bedroom, you can adjust the temperature before you even get out of bed in the morning. Nest also makes a compatible smoke detector and CO alarm to make you feel safer in your home. If your cooking accidentally sets off the alarm, you can ask Alexa to reset it. You can also buy a home security system, house speakers, televisions, and game controllers that all connect to Alexa. Have more control over your home and make your life easier with all of HSN electronics for sale with technology that works with Alexa.