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Best SKINN Reviews

out of 4 reviews
Lip Scrub and Treatment a Must Have
My lips have never looked and felt better. They were very dry and peeling. After two or three days they were looking great. I now use daily and will always use the lip treatment. I like it much better than lipstick and love the little round containers with the mirror. I hope Dimitri never stops making this. Its amazing how something that takes so little time makes such a huge difference.
showtime3, OH
So Nice
Love, love his products! My lips thank him every time I use it.
Patty2Vegas, NV
Love the scrub and really notice a difference in the appearance of my lips. They are smoother after 1 use. I'm 69 and the treatment color looks excellent and makes my teeth look whiter. I notice a slight plumping too, but nothing dramatic. Definitely worth trying. I'll buy this again.
Cheryl_from_VA, VA
out of 30 reviews
A great product!
This was a surprise to me, after all these years, I found something that really made a difference in my face. This product not only softened my face & hydrated my skin, but my face also looked like after you put finishing powder on at the end. You will not be disappointed with this product.
Marzind1, WI
Great face cleanser
I love skinn products. This is no different. A very good cleansing oil. Does not dry my face out. Easy to use and does such a good job.
Maxwell1234, WA
Love it
I ordered this cleansing oil a while ago and have just now used it this week. I was reluctant because I thought it was going to be oily. It is NOT. its like a little thicker than water and rinses clean. Wish I hadnt waited so long. Easily removes make up and eye make up. Leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and not oily. Its phenomenal. I just love it.
cary959, OK
out of 34 reviews
Love This Product
Always a good product from Skinn.Thank You Demitri
here2teach, ID
Always great
This is one of the best masks I've ever used and have used it for years. So soothing for the face and your face is so moisturized after removing.
shade1, WA
Skinn Fruit Fusion Wrinkle Soak
My face has looked bad since covid 19 started. This is the only thing I have found that seems to help it look normal. I don't want to be without it!
Penny2980, OH
out of 9 reviews
Happy Camper
I am usually very skeptical about beauty products, but I have noticed a definite change in my skin since using this product. I'm 71 years old, and I didn't have expectations that this cream would turn back the years; however, I was surprised that small lines around my mouth actually disappeared! My skin feels so much softer and looks better. Thank you, Dimitri!
Linda_Sue_Too, NC
Great Day & Night Cream
I use this cream both day and night. I use the non-negotiable day and night cleanser. This moisturizer is perfect for day and is lightweight but a powerhouse. It is not greasy or harsh.
Pamala1960, CA
DWP Creme
Love the lightness of this creme. The smell isn't over powering either. So far so good I need to use it more to see better results....my fault. I do love this creme I am on autoship...thank you SKINN for such great products!!
scooter12, NE
out of 9 reviews
Skinn AM/PM Cleansers
These AM/PM Cleansers are great! The AM makes my face feel fresh and well cleansed! The PM makes my face feel soft and clean. They both have helped my Skinn feel baby soft more even and without using any creams or serums my skin looks way more radiant and has that glass shiny look to it! Its great!! These work awesome with the DermAppeal!!!
sims29, IN
So Good
The two of them are great. I like the AM but The PM smells so good. And a plus is it works great. This is my second order.
Jerzeeshore, TN
Must have
Wouldnt want to be without these theyre wonderful for skin especially if yours is a dry skin use it morning and night and leaves my face feeling like velvet highly recommend
Imhappy65, MI
out of 30 reviews
These are so nice refreshing and cleansing. Your skin feels so amazingly smooth.
sweetpea0406, NM
The best
I love these cleansing cloths. They leave my skin feeling clean and fresh. Smell amazing, too!
kkbates1, VA
Great cleansing cloths
Gets my face clean & leaves my face soft,NOT tight!
debbiedoubtfire, IN
out of 27 reviews
If it is not good how would I want auto-ship
The title says it all. Love it.
deutch, CA
Tried this for the first time and fell in love. Makes my skin feel so good and love the scent too. Im on auto-delivery so I never run out
Pal, MI
Gentle & Effective
Ive been a fan of Skinn for years and have never been disappointed with their products. The Fruit Fusion Berry Pure Detox Mask is my new favorite. I love using it and my skin always feels soft, smooth and thoroughly cleansed.
LisaT43, HI
out of 25 reviews
Best Face Wash Ever
This face wash has done miracles to my complexion and the texture of my skin. I love the smell and the cool, fresh feeling as it invigorates my senses while cleansing. I love this - I will likely not change from this ever!!! Thank you HSN & Skinn!
NonMoore, NH
Fresh and Clean
Purchased this cleanser and loved it. Leaves your face feeling clean without drying. Some complained about the scent but I loved it. It's a refreshing and invigorating scent.
movieluv, FL
Now my best friend cleanser!
This is the best facial cleanser I have ever used, and at 69 y.o., I have used many. It is so tingly and leaves my face revitalized, and literally squeaky clean. A little bit brings up a generous, bubbly lather that rinses off without any gross residue, or drying. I really like cleansing my face now instead of it being a needed task. You must be careful though and keep your face relaxed while using the product so it stays out of your eyes. It is quite minty when using, but in a great way!
Dottie147369, MN
out of 175 reviews
Great Product
This is a great cleansing duo. my skin feels really clean after using these products.
Lucy923, FL
I am repeat customer with these two cleansers because they really leave your face a wonderful texture. And I absolutely love the scent of the AM cleanser.
SummertimeGirl2, WI
Best Cleanser
The am is invigorating and pm smells and is divine. I look forward to cleansing my face and applying oils afterwards. And my skin looks and feels better every day. So glad to have discovered this line. Thanks
showtime3, OH
out of 109 reviews
It works!
A little go a long way. I leave it on for 20 minutes. This is my first time using it at 62. Get it while your young to keep your skin soft and youthful.
Jerzeeshore, TN
Lovely and Effective
This is a very lovely skin treatment and it smells great. Its lasted a long in the jar - a little goes a long way. My face is so soft and glowy after I take it off.
ByTheSea2, CA