Tweak'd By Nature Bamboo Honey Rise & Shine Cleansing Volumizing Scrub

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  • Wonderful, (MSZ69 MI)

    Love this product, great clean beauty cleansing. Turned my sister on to this product.

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  • Great product!!, (Karenjcb CA)

    Love this product!!! I have so many shampoo/conditioners in my shower kept trying new ones (very expensive) and not happy until now. Its true that it helps keep more hair in your head at the same time. My hair actually feels clean and has more volume than before. I can really tell the difference and how the other brands were weighing my hair down.and not what I need with fine hair. Love this product!!

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  • Excellent!, (lovenyc NC)

    I have been using Tweak'd scrub for a long time, it has really changed my hair for the better! I just tried the Aqua de Coco for the first time and by far it's my favorite!!! Please keep making this scrub it's really good!

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    After using this, I feel like my hair is really clean and soft. I love the scent!

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  • The Best!, (7lucky7 AZ)

    So happy with this product, leaves my hair and scalp clean but not stripped and dry. Hair is moisturized, voluminous, and easy to comb through, no need for additional products. The Apricot scent is great, not overly sweet, which was my concern when I purchased it. I will continue to purchase, wish it was on auto ship.

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  • Clean hair and scalp, (FlighttoNewYork MD)

    I love this scrub. My scalp feels clean and it makes my hair soft & shiny. I love the scent. It smells like a cherry cupcake with a little bit of spice. I put it right on my scalp, and then jump in the shower. Then lather up and add more water to work thru to ends.

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  • fantastic, (backspace554 RI)

    I have already used this product twice since I got it. The smell is amazing and it works great at cleaning all the build up on the scalp.

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  • Great scrub.., (smalltowngirl66 KY)

    Love this! Removes build up on hair and smells great.

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  • so glad..., (judyannV NY)

    I am glad I gave this a try. My hair has just been so unhealthy lately. With product heating tools sprays I needed help. This is my second week and I see the difference in my hair. I love the smell and how it works on my hair. I am hoping with each treatment it helps more each time. So far my decision to give this a chance was a game changer for me.

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  • Amazing cleanser, (jouous TN)

    Wow! I use Tweak'd products exclusively on my hair, but this is the first time trying the scrub. It is amazing how clean and 'clear' my hair and scalp feel after using this. I will be incorporating this weekly. Thank you for such great products!

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  • Excellent!, (lovenyc NC)

    I love this scrub! I have been using it for a long time. When I received it the container was broken and the scrub was all over the place, I had to send it back. Hoping they will send me a replacement one soon!

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  • Hard water build up, (colsshopper OH)

    This product works well for removing the build up that hard water leaves on my head. I do lose quite a lot of hair while using this, but it does do what it claims to do, for me.

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  • Volumnizes and cleans, (berbis AZ)

    After the first time I used it my hair had more volumn for days even after sleeping. I love the scent (hope you'll make other products with it). I guess I'm one of the folks who needed foaming and it satisfied my need when used as directed. My only beef is that the tub is hard to control in the shower. Any chance you can use a twist off cap?

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  • I love this so much, (Happygirl70 WA)

    I have been using this scrub since it came out. It is the very best product I have ever found for my hair. I use it every 5 days. My baby fine hair is thicker and fuller since using it. There is a learning curve, but well worth it. I am 74 and every time I get a chance I buy this so I never run out.

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  • Love!, (gilbertsmom2 MA)

    This is my favorite item from Tweaked. I have fine,very thin hair & this gived me the most volume from any other product I've tried!

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