Clinique Calyx Exhilarating Fragrance 1.7 fl. oz

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  • The Best One!, (JPDD FL)

    My all time favorite! Ive been using for more than 30 years! Love this!Please don't stop carrying it

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  • Calyx, (MercyMe52 WI)

    Oldie but goodie perfume. Not overpowering and doesn't trigger my migraines. I spray just a skosh on my neck and a bit on my wrists. I don't think it last on me as my skin is dry and I know I'm hydrated, but everyone is different. I also like to spray a spritz on my hair. Smells clean and fresh and it is fun to wear.

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  • Fresh , (twnboys2 IN)

    Not over powering fresh clean scent, I love Clinique products, Happy is my scent of choice but this is up there with it.

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  • Great smell Not overpowering, (DVJ TX)

    For years..maybe decades, I have been looking for an alternative to my CK2 and my 80s Clinique scent. I sampled a few on HSN without luck. This scent is really a light different sort of citrus smell. Light smell. Very happy!

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  • Clinique Calyx, (Bee101 MI)

    I like the perfume it has a nice smell but I was looking for the old clinic splash that used to be in a bottle and a hat hope you put it on after a bath a splash was very fresh exhilarating do you not still have that product anymore if you do would you please let me know what it is is the name changed it was called Clinique body splash in a yellow bottle

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  • Love Clinique Perfumes , (shopaholicgrama TX)

    I love it stays on you a long time, the odor is different not like any other. Don't like to smell like everyone else! Used it years ago I'm back using it again and still love it!

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  • FAVORITE , (oceanview11 MA)


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  • Fresh, Fruity and Green, (NiNi1986 IN)

    This was my first purchase of this fragrance and it was a blind buy. I love citrus scents so I took a chance and I was happy! Everyones chemistry is different, on me I get a distinct grapefruit with lush greens in the background. I have had some fragrances that are described as green that I didnt like because they reminded me of grass but this isnt like that, it reminds me of lush tropical plants. Cant wait to try it in warm weather!

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  • This smell takes me back, (krgmomma CA)

    This is the same exact fragrance from Prescriptives in the 90s. Its fresh, crisp an distinctive. Im so glad I found it here on HSN.

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  • Damaged and Disappointed, (Weezerwoman PA)

    Perhaps ordering a fragrance online is not a good option in general. While I waited over 2 weeks to receive my order, the bottle leaked all over and there was no fragrance left. This is my all-time favorite go-to fragrance and it is difficult to find, so I was thrilled to see it offered at HSN...BUT....very disappointing.I hope HSN will honor this and I won't order again.

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  • Gave me a migraine, (kc926 MD)

    I have using Clinique perfumes since I was younger, I saw this and has good reviews but it didnt work for me, it gave me a major headache, if you have sensitivity to smell this wont be for you.

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