Augason Farms 93-serving Morning Moo's Low Fat Milk Alternative

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  • Amazing size, (Flight81 MD)

    So far this milk alternative is working for someone with lactose issues. I've used it in a smoothie and cereal. Great buy for the price. I didn't realize the size would be so large but it will save me from having to go to the store for milk.

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  • Excellent, (DMNY NY)

    This milk tastes good. I combine than the directions state to make it creamier. This is my favorite powdered milk

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  • I didn't know dried milk could be so good!, (pattiwgn WI)

    In a pandemic we only usually had to return to the store for fresh milk , problem solved. I would never be able to tell the difference. My sister doesn't drink milk but always has to buy fresh sometimes for a recipe. Works like a charm.

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  • Five Star Taste, (msforty SC)

    This milk is fantastic. In my opinion the taste is far better than 2% milk that I normally buy and with fewer calories. You will not be disappointed with this milk. Glad that I got it on auto ship.

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  • A new go to, (tarantula FL)

    I was sent this accidentally-I DID have to reorder the regular milk this company offers as I had run out. Instead of waiting for the non fat version, I decided to try this. A very pleasant surprise. It's sweeter (probably due to coconut milk), and MUCH better for my morning coffee-with the addition of this, I don't need sugar. This is great to add to cake/cupcake mixes for a richer flavour if your recipe will allow it. It is a wow with some of my plain cereals as well. I now have this on auto!

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  • So convenient, (Splatt IN)

    So happy I purchased this! I love milk but was afraid it would spoil before I could finish a jug. Now I don't have to worry about that! This is convenient and delicious! I use a blender bottle to mix it up and wait a little for it to dissolve completely. By the time I get my meal made, it's ready to drink.

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  • Moo's Low Fat Milk, (D-Strong MI)

    Outstanding. Taste like milk. I am impress because I was expecting the same nasty taste with powder milk, but I was truly wrong.

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  • Highly recommend , (merciful_one FL)

    Pleasantly surprised with this milk! It taste so good and easy to mix. My plan was to use this as a substitute until I could get to the store and purchase regular milk. However havent bought any other milk since receiving this. Will definitely purchase again!! Kudos HSN!!

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  • Moo sue good., (stinky104 MO)

    I use it to cook with and also to drink. Also I use it on my cereals..

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  • Love this milk , (nancygail7 VA)

    I am so pleased with both the white and chocolate milks.

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  • Worth it, (1945boomer KS)

    This is so easy to mix and it does taste like milk.I use this and the choc . together to form a creamer like for my coffee 1Tb with 2Tb. choc. and use a 10 or 12 oz cup. It is rich tasting and so much better than store bought creamer.Do away with the mixer and use a spoon or the likes and it won't be foamy , because it is so easy to mix with just a few twirls of the spoon and it is desolved completely.

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  • Long shelf life , Great Packaging., (Phelps711 MS)

    I purchased this product to store on my shelf for long term storage, unable to actually review this product. I love how HSN store and package all of their products for safe shipping . I have not received a bent can or a damaged product yet and never want to receive a damaged item. Keep up the good job and continue to treat your employees right, your warehouse employees are the reason why I continue to do business with your company.

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