Bread Maker

Bake Your Own Bread and More With a Bread Maker From HSN

Baking bread has become one of the world's hottest home gourmet trends as more people discover the superior taste of fresh loaves. However, mastering proper kneading techniques can be tricky. Thankfully, this isn't something you have to worry about when you choose a bread maker from HSN. These automatic appliances take care of all the mixing, rising and baking, so you only need to worry about measuring your ingredients. With a bread maker from HSN, baking bread couldn't be simpler.

Browse HSN for bread makers from leading kitchen brands including Curtis Stone, Wolfgang Puck and Cuisinart. We work with the best appliance brands to help you shop with confidence. These bread makers are also available in a range of looks to suit any kitchen decor. Stainless steel bread makers can complement your ovenfridge or freezer while models in fun colors can make bold statements on your kitchen bench.

Modern bread makers have a range of programs that take the guesswork out of making breads and doughs. Simply follow the bread maker recipes for tasty sourdough loaves, pizza dough and sweet treats like cakes and cinnamon buns. You needn't get a small bread maker for small loaves. Most bread makers bake loaves in a range of sizes and a selection of crust shades.

Bread makers also help you cater for people with dietary requirements with recipes for gluten-free bread. Remember the risk of cross-contamination and make yours a strictly gluten-free bread maker when catering for celiacs. The ingredients for specialty breads like gluten-free bread are also much cheaper than store-bought loaves. If you regularly buy artisan bread, you'll quickly see the savings add up over time.

While everyone knows bread makers can make breads and doughs, you may be surprised by some of the foods you can create in a bread maker. Most can create jams, compotes and warm dips to enjoy with your fresh-baked slices. Some bread makers can also make soups, meatloaf, rice dishes and yogurt. Start experimenting and you'll soon realize a bread maker can be a great substitute for larger kitchen appliances when you're short on space.

Cleaning up after using your bread maker is easier than you might think, as most models feature non-stick bread pans and kneading blades. Many also come with dishwasher-safe accessories.

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than the scent of freshly baked homemade bread or other foods is tasting your creations. Enjoy these simple pleasures in the comfort of your own home when you shop for bread makers at HSN.