Storybook Knits founder and designer Jamie Gries has a passion for creating unique sweaters. The hand-knit luxury and the distinctive designs of her clothing line make them highly collectible.

design your storybook sweater
Jamie loves to bring out the creativity of her customers. Watch your Storybook Knits sweater ideas come to life – submit them to Jamie, and she just might select one!

design ideas
  • What would your theme be?
  • What colors would you use?
  • Does the design continue on the back or sleeves?
  • Does your idea include novelty stitching or buttons?

  • Submitting an idea does not guarantee it will be accepted,
    but Jamie will get back to you if she is able to use it.

    replace a button
    The novelty buttons are the finishing touch on each and every sweater.

    If your new sweater arrived missing a button, see HSN’s
    30-day return policy.

    If you’ve lost or broken a button, request a replacement. Include the name of your sweater or a detailed description of the sweater and the missing button.

    care & washing instructions
    Please dry clean when the label instructs you to do so. For the experienced, you may hand or machine wash (gentle cycle) in mild detergent, then lay flat to dry. When almost 99% dry, throw in dryer to fluff with a fabric softener.

    With proper care, the sweaters will not stretch or grow, and they will not shrink or fade from washing. They will stay new looking for years, thanks to the fine quality ramie cotton construction.