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Women's Shoe Glossary

Want to find your sole mate? It’s a good idea to know what you are looking for in the perfect shoe. Search the women’s shoes glossary to find
definitions for the most common terms.
Ankle Strap: strap that encircles the ankle and is attached to the rear of the shoe; usually features elastic or
an adjustable buckle

Antiqued: surface treatment that has a rubbed-off, worn appearance and texture

Arch: high, curved part of the sole of the foot that’s located between the ball of the foot and the heel; also
refers to the raised area on the insole of a shoe

Athleisure: athletic-inspired, trendy footwear meant for casual, urban wear

Back Seam: vertical seam at the center back of a shoe or boot

Ballet: flat shoe with a thin sole

Burnished: polished finish produced by buffing or rubbing the surface

Calf Circumference: measurement around the shaft of a boot at calf height

Cap Toe: additional piece of material covering the toe of a shoe; also known as a tip

Collar: strip of material stitched to the opening of a shoe

Cone Heel: heel that is circular at the top and tapers down to a point

Contoured Footbed: insole that molds to the shape of the foot

Counter: stiff piece of material placed at the heel of a shoe between the lining and upper to retain
the shoe’s shape

Cushioning: padding on the insole or outsole of a shoe for added comfort

Demi Boot: style of boot whose shaft is generally no higher than the anklebone

D’Orsay: pump with one or two sides cut out

Embossed: design imprinted onto leather or leather-like material; most often simulates a type of animal skin

Espadrille: shoe or sandal style with woven rope or similar material that covers the wedge or sole

Eyelet: hole through which a lace is threaded; may be reinforced with a metal ring or grommet

Flip-Flop: flat sandal with one or two straps between the big and second toes; also known as a thong

Footbed: inside part of the shoe that runs under the bottom of the foot; also known as an insole

Galosh: boot or overshoe designed to protect the feet from wet conditions

Gore: elastic panel inserted into one or both sides of a shoe to make it easier to put on

Heel: solid part of a shoe that supports the heel cup

Heel Breast: forward-facing side of the heel

Huarache: flat sandal/shoe with a woven upper

Insole: inside part of the shoe that runs underneath the bottom of the foot; also known as a footbed

Instep: upper, center section of the foot between the toes and ankle

Kidskin: soft, porous leather made from the hides of young goats

Kitten Heel: low heel that tapers sharply to a narrow base

Laces: strips of material threaded through the eyelets of a shoe that adjust and/or pull it closed

Lining: surface material on a shoe’s interior

Moccasin: loafer-style shoe with decorative stitching; usually flat

Outsole: bottom part of the shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground; also known as a sole

Patent: extremely shiny, high-gloss type of finish

Pebbled: embossed finish that resembles the texture of a pebbled surface

Perforation: pattern of small holes punched or bored into the trim of a shoe for decoration or ventilation

Platform Wedge: wedge heel combined with a platform sole

Piping: narrow tube of material or fabric used to trim seams or edges

Quarter: rear portion of a shoe that covers the heel and sides; often joined at the back seam

Shaft: area of the boot from the top of the heel to the opening

Satin: fabric with a glossy sheen and a soft, slippery texture

Shearling: sheepskin or lambskin with the wool still attached

Slip-On: style of footwear that slips onto the foot with no further adjustment

Sock Liner: insole that the foot rests on inside the shoe

Sole: bottom part of the shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground; also known as an outsole

Spectator: two-tone design made from different materials; the edge of the dominant color has an exposed
zigzag pattern; a perforated design accents the toe

Stacked Heel: heel built from layers of material

Stiletto: slim, tall heel that tapers toward the bottom

Suede: leather with a napped or brushed surface; usually made from the inner surface of the hide

T-strap: shoe with a perpendicular strap that connects with the vamp and the ankle strap to form a “T”

Throat: main opening of a shoe; extends from the vamp to the ankle

Toe Box: part of the shoe that covers and protects your toes

Tongue: flap of material under the laces of a shoe or boot

Topstitch: line of stitching that borders the edge or seam of a material; usually seen in contrasting colors

Top Lift: bottommost part of a shoe's heel that comes in direct contact with the ground

Tread: shoe sole design that’s usually textured for added grip

Unit Bottom: single-shoe bottom made from rubber or plastic

Upper: part of a shoe that covers the toes, the top of the foot, the sides of the foot and the back of the heel

Wedge Heel: heel that is as wide as the shoe itself; follows the shoe’s contour from toe to heel

Wing Tip: additional wing-shaped piece of material covering the toe of a shoe