Chafing Dishes

  • Infusion Collection 3pk Chrome Buffet Burner Cover Set

$24.95 or 2 payments of $12.48
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  • Elite Gourmet 3 x 2.5qt. Buffet Server

  • Progressive Butter Warmer and Seafood Scissor Set

$21.50 or 4 payments of $5.38
  • Elite Gourmet 2 x 2.5qt. Buffet Server

$39.95 or 2 payments of $19.98
  • 4-Quart Oval Stainless Steel Chafing Dish by Star Home

$219.95 or 4 payments of $54.99
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  • Cuisinart Entertaining Stainless 3-Quart Round Server

$69.95 or 2 payments of $34.98
  • Infusion Collection Triple-Burner Buffet Lid Rest

$29.95 or 2 payments of $14.98
  • Elite Platinum Set of 3 Deluxe 2.5qt. Buffet Servers

$79.95 or 2 payments of $39.98
  • Elite 18 qt. Roaster Oven w/Buffet Server & Elec. Knife
  • Cuisinart Entertaining Stainless 5-Quart Round Server

$69.95 or 2 payments of $34.98
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  • Elite Platinum 8.5qt. Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

$35.95 or 2 payments of $17.98

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New Dishes and Serving Pieces You'll Adore

The most enjoyable part of having your friends and family over is the joy you get from being around loved ones. While most any food will do, it's a great feeling to serve your meal on quality dishware. HSN is pleased to offer not only high-end dishware, but also pieces that are practical or convenient, such as buffet warmers and other types of food warmers. The next time you have a buffet-style or self-serve get-together, you won't have to worry about those delicious dishes getting cold on you. HSN dishware is not just about practicalities, though. It's also about cultivating a distinct and attractive look. Try beautiful chafing dishes, for example, which come ready to use with lovely stands to protect your table from the heat. Opt for stainless steel or decorative rims to add a dash of extra style. If you're thinking of doing a lot of cooking, consider opting for a full buffet set. These can include custom cookware, multiple burners and heaters, and all the pots you require. Full sets can have you cooking up to three dishes at a time. Discover HSN's selection of elegant buffet servers and chafing dishes and see how they can bring a party to life.